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Simple and free contact form with captcha, customized mail format and possibility to send a copy of the form to website user
Fully customizable, with possibility to add fields as many as needed
Available fields kinds that can be added are:

Text fields
Number fields
Date fields
List (combobox) fields
Textarea fields
Raw html zones

By default JQuickcontact comes with a builtin form composed of :
An input for user name
An input for user email address
Contact subject
Message to be transmitted
A captcha zone (no configuration is needed) (a google recaptcha can be configured instead)
Zones before and after form in front office can be edited thanks to rich editor at backoffice

In the backoffice each input can be customized: minimum length, maximum length and label.
Webmaster can enter his email , indicate if the component must send a copy of the submitted email to the website user and can customize email format

Jquickcontact est un composant joomla, permettant de fournir un formulaire de contact à l'utilisateur du site.
Il intègre un captcha pour protéger le formulaire des utilisations abusives.
JQuickcontact est totalement configurable, il permet l'ajout de champs supplémentaires au formulaire selon le souhait de l'administrateur du site.

JQcuickcontact intègre aussi une configuration par défaut d'un formulaire basique de contact contenant les champs suivant:
Email de l'internaute
Contenu du message
Captcha/ou Google recaptcha


Posted on 08 July 2019
I installed it yesterday and it works fine. I hope, as somebody had mentioned, NOT to find spam mails later on.
Ease of use
It is very to install and use it.
Recaptcha code is easy to use. It should have been great if it was a Recaptcha that changes automatically.
I used this to: I added it to the footer section of my website (webcreationtips) on every page.
It is meant to engage in visitors to submit their feedbacks.
I like this module and it very easy to setup.

Lately, my client has complained of too many spam email coming from this form. I don't understand how the spam bots bypass the captcha and submit the form. My client gets upto 10 spam email submitted fom this form daily. I setup email autoresponder from Cpanel to work with feedbacks.

I can't imagine sending automated replies to spam email addresses whenever a spam feedback is received. Please update this module so I can keep using it.

Quick and Easy

Posted on 21 March 2013
If you're looking for a form that is quick and easy to use, this would be the one. Was very simple to input into the fields how many characters someone could use and then what email the message was going to. Would always like options of what you could add and remove in terms of fields but for a simple contact form, this was easy to use and very well done.


wassim jied
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Mar 01 2018
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Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System


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