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Compact form builder. Creates interactive forms, commercial and scientific calculators, step-by-step forms, add to cart forms, diagnostic tree forms, polls, quizzes, support forms and more.

Description of features

Conditional fields

Conditional fields can have an unlimited level of enclosure and can be either a separate field or a group. They are compatible with the calculator and other functions. They can be used to output images, scripts, styles, and any html code. All required fields will be processed correctly if they are visible.


Cloned fields

The functionality can be seen in the picture. The fields can be arranged vertically or horizontally. Like all the others, it can be nested in itself or other widgets an unlimited number of times. Supports calculator, dependent fields, and everything else in this extension.


Step by step form

This is a simple widget, but in this case it is easy to make it with branching. Create interesting forms, the logic of which will be determined by the user's choice.



Tabs can be made vertical or horizontal. QuickForm is able to check the required fields in closed tabs and highlight them with switching to it.



The flexible calculator is suitable for simple trading calculations and for complex scientific ones. Supports dynamically changing fields and all extension widgets.


Interactive form

A good opportunity for those who know how to work with Photoshop. QuickForm is an easy way to make interactive forms. I use conditional fields to overlay images with a transparent background on top of each other. I use only css rules in the dependent fields so that there is no image twitching.


Ajax shopping cart

QuickForm is able to add its own forms to the cart. This is a cool shopping cart with flexible settings and great features.


QuickForm. Documentation

No need. This form plugin is easy to use. Install it and start filling it out. Difficult moments are described locally in the administrative panel.



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May 19 2024
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Nov 19 2014
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Uses Joomla! Update System