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Formerly known as the Excel Uploader. The Content Uploader will allow you to upload data from a spreadsheet directly into articles! This means that each row from your excel sheet will create one new article on your site. Website creators who want to populate a site quickly by importing existing articles, will find this particuarly useful as it eliminates a time consuming, manual process.

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File types supported: xlsx, xls, csv, ooc.

Watch our demo video to see how it works:


Sounds good, but not enough documentation to configure parameters.

Ease of use

The concept is good, but ease of use is very poor due to lack of support


Purchased this software almost 2 weeks ago. Only support I have received is a payment receipt.


Emailed twice for support and posted twice on the forum. Received no response.

I used this to: I wanted to use this to upload excel document and generate articles.

It Works fine!

Posted on 17 October 2016

I imported over 450 articles with Excel file (.xls) in minutes,
just works fine as said.

Ease of use

Takes a little time to understand all the settings.
I think it's need a better user interface.


Can be more specific for end users, it's more like a tech note now.
The hints popup in admin area says much more than formal Documentation.

I used this to: Import articles from non-joomla based content though hand-made excel files,
50 articles a time.


Brings in the articles fine but jumbles up the categories. Half of the Imported articles wound up in the WRONG categories.

Ease of use

Simple to use but categories do not import correctly.

Owner's reply: Hello Ringo,

Thank you for reporting this problem to us. As we have established it was a configuration problem and it was easy to resolve by contacting us via our support forums.

If you run into any problems please contact us directly and we will do our best to sort out any issues. Thank you.

Great time saver

Posted on 08 August 2015

This extension is a real time-saver when it comes to creating large amounts of articles. Setup is straight forward.

Ease of use

Setup takes a bit of time but once it's done you just select your Excel file and press upload. Couldn't be easier to created bulk articles.


Didn't require support for the free version. I switched to the pro version as I needed more features and support was superb.


There is a video on the website which explains how it works. Also every config option is explained with tooltips. Excellent!

I used this to: Product catalog

Saved me so much time!

Posted on 30 November 2012

This saved me so much time and the articles I uploaded as sheets helped my SEO rating so much, thanks for this great extension! Masterpiece of simplicity!

Great helper

Posted on 28 October 2012

Being a new Joomla! user trying to tackle uploading 200+ articles, this is a life saver. Really easy to use!

I have installed this free utility and uploaded 13000 articles (one liner) in one shot to add link for downloading of 13000 powerpoint shows from my site funppt.com and pptfree.com. Unimaginable. Manually, this would have taken 2 months. However, it may be noted that Word articles are uploaded as one paragraph without any paragraph break unless you add html tags before and after each paragraph in the word file.

Not enough documentation

Posted on 25 March 2010

Usually I will be very careful to write my comments, most of time I do not read documentation & figure out by itself how would this extension would work, because I have used hundreds of extension & soon wanted to publish a website which contain maximum extension used.

I am sure this extension would be simplest & easy to use, but I was unable to figure out, & try to read documentation which nothing explain except to setup “parameters” then spend a lot of time in Forum but there is not a single clue after uploading file (article) then { what next ? } Shell we use [ Syntax ] in (article) or will there be [ embedded ] button will show up ?

I will give suggestion like Peter van Westen (from nonumber) has published 12 extension and most of them are popular simply because he did not wrote long documentation but rather quite simple & easy word few images, steps by step like a guide to new joomla user, although most of his extension would be used for advance & at complex level & to make it easy & simple.

I will be glad to support and I am sure there is positional but it is frustrating and hidden yet.

Owner's reply: Hi Naseem,

I realise the documentation is pretty sparse just now and a similar remark to yours was made in our forum. As a result, there is now a document available on our site that explains what can be entered for each parameter. You can get it here:

There will also be a tutorial videos on the demo site in the next few days.

Fills a very important need

Posted on 27 December 2009

The lack of a mass import solution has been a major weakness of Joomla for quite some time. I have not had time to extensively test the extension, but it seems to be an answer to this problem. As somebody who uses excel alot, this is a godsend! The main thing that could use would is the documentation, there is not much right now.

A great component

Posted on 26 December 2009

This component has a big potential...really! (sorry for my english, I'm italian)

The autor should consider:

- adding an example excel file (call it a template, a starting point for new users)

- adding more detailed documentation

- the component should not strip out html tags that finds in the table fields (except from the first column=title).

You should consider also making a new component similar to this one, dedicated to joomfish: imagine the possibility to upload translations for a large number of articles at once!

I'm available to support this project by translating in italian

Content Uploader Pro

Content Uploader Pro

Paid download | Data Import & Export | freakedout
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Combine the power of Excel with Joomla! If you have a large set of articles to create or to update the Content Uploader will save you hours of work. You create the configuration once where you define the article layout and the Content Uploader will do the rest. Just select your Excel file and press Upload - done! Watch our demo video to see how it works: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_Y7j4GVQp0 Formerly known as the Excel Uploader. The Content Uploader Pro allows you to upload Excel sheets to batch create: Joomla! articles K2 items J2Store Products K2Store Products Web Links Contacts Joomfish translations Akeeba Admintools Redirections This means that each row from your Excel sheet will create one new article/item on your site. Website creators who want to populate a site quickly by importing existing articles, will find this particularly useful as it eliminates a time consuming, manual process. Furthermore you can update existing articles by downloading the existing ones and reuploading them with supplying their ID to the Content Uploader. The same way you can upload your Joomfish translations for all articles like that from an Excel sheet. Have a look at our site for the documentation and features comparison between the pro and the free version. All Excel spreadsheet types are supported (xlsx, xls, csv, ooc, zip and more).
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Content Uploader

Last updated:
Jul 17 2016
Date added:
Dec 15 2009
GPLv2 or later
Free download

This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System

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