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This is an Award-winning Cookie Consent plugin that allows you to automatically generate compliant Cookie Banners, Privacy Notices & Policies for your website rapidly. It supports GDPR, CCPA/CPRA, PIPEDA, LGPD and several other global privacy laws.

Cookie Consent for GDPR/CCPA | Securiti


Cookie Consent Management by Securiti is an award-winning solution that automates global privacy compliance and is designed for seamless, rapid deployment. Get started in minutes, no-coding skills needed.

Thousands of small and large organizations use Securiti’s Cookie Consent Management solution to comply with GDPR (ePrivacy)/CPRA/LGPD/PIPEDA and several other global privacy laws.

Getting Started

Sign up for a free account to retrieve the cookie banner script in a few easy steps.

How It Works

  1. Register and gain access to a free account.
  2. Enter a website URL to start scanning
  3. Approve the automatic cookie categorization from scan results
  4. Copy the cookie consent script and paste it in the plugin

See the Installation guide video here:

Feature Highlights

  • Automatically scan websites for cookies at pre-set time periods
  • The solution is highly optimized for low-latency page performance
  • Rapidly integrate with your dev pipeline
  • Dynamically display cookie banners in local languages
  • Automatically block unwanted cookies
  • Automatically update Privacy Notices
  • Gather Consent records and generate reports
  • Reverse IP detection for global compliance
  • Empower your users with a configurable preference center


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Use of this plugin does not, by itself, ensure compliance with legal requirements related to cookies.

A Complete PrivacyOps Infrastructure, Designed for Developers

Our APIs and no-code/low-code PrivacyOps infrastructure gives you the super powers you need to embed automation capabilities into your tech stack, and comply with global privacy laws, all within minutes.

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Securiti has solutions to help meet other privacy compliance requirements like Data Subject Rights (DSR), Privacy Policy & Notice Management, and Universal Consent Management.

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About Securiti

Securiti is the leader in multi-cloud data protection, privacy and governance. Its solutions establish autonomous guardrails around sensitive data, to ensure key obligations are continuously met. Securiti’s award-winning privacy compliance platform allows small, medium, and enterprise businesses comply with global privacy laws including GDPR, CPRA, PIPEDA, LGPD, and many more.

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Cookie Consent for GDPR/CCPA | Securiti

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