Corporate Tools for YOOtheme Pro


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Corporate Tools integrates Consent Tools like Usercentrics into YOOtheme Pro.

Usercentrics Integration

Corporate Tools integrates the Usercentrics Consent Management Platform into YOOtheme Pro. This way you can collect consents from your website visitors and block external services according to the GDPR. Using Corporate Tools instead of manually integrating Usercentrics has several advantages:

  • IP Protection: Corporate Tools prevents all YOOtheme Pro third-party scripts from being preloaded. No personal data is being transmitted unless the user has given his consent.

  • Correct Placement: Corporate Tools automatically places Usercentrics' Smart Data Protector at the beginning of the head tag. There is no need to create a child theme for the script to work properly.

  • YOOtheme Data Protector: YOOtheme Pro's Map Element is not supported by Smart Data Protector. Our dedicated Data Protector solves this problem and gives you a great user experience with no restrictions.

  • Joomla! Extensions Support: YOOtheme Data Protector supports Joomla! extensions like DPCalendar (Google Maps, OpenStreetMap). More extensions will be supported in the future.

  • YOOtheme Pro Styling Options: YOOtheme and Smart Data Protector are fully integrated into YOOtheme Pro's Styler. Consent overlays automatically adapt to your YOOtheme Pro style and can be customized if needed.

Corporate Tools for YOOtheme Pro

Markus Mauthe
Last updated:
Jan 14 2024
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Jul 15 2023
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