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This component allows you to draft a Joomla Article (Template) for SEO purpose and then generate multiple articles (SEO landing pages) by replacing various tag codes {SEO Keywords} with the content of the list provided for that tag code.

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Basically the Diginix Content Generation, scan complete Article (Title, metadata description, image Alt text, Article body etc.) and replace all the {tag} with the corresponding Variable. Ability to generate spin text as well.


Title: This title has a variable {sometext} {moretext}
Alias: this-title-has-a-variable-{sometext}-{moretext}
Text: This is the actual content that may contain {sometext} that will be changed as the content is generated. It may also contain {moretext} and can contain images. It may also contain spin text format like this {{|very }{fast|quick}|aggressive}.
Metadata Description: This article is all about {sometext}
Metadata keywords: {sometext}

If your Tagcodes contain the following:
Sometext moretext
A1 B1
A2 B2

When you Click on the generate content button it will generate 4 Articles. The first article will look like:
Title: This title has a variable A1 B1
Alias: this-title-has-a-variable-A1-B1
Text: This is the actual content that may contain A1 that will be changed as the content is generated. It may also contain B1 and can contain images. It may also contain spin text format like this very fast.
Metadata Description: This article is all about A1
Metadata keywords: A1


Posted on 24 October 2013
Diginix Content saved a lot of my time to build SEO pages. The support is very responsive as well.

Excellent extension

Posted on 10 February 2013
This is a really great component that generates mass Joomla articles for SEO.

It's an excellent extension. it has option to auto generate meta data fields as well for content,as it is an important factor for SEO.

cold anger

Posted on 29 November 2012

I lost a week and money with Diginix.

Being a regular spinner, I was happy to found a component which spinning, but I was quickly dampened by the weakness of DIGINIX CONTENT GENERATION. First, it was impossible to spin long contents (>50000 caracters), the developer quickly responded and corrected the first problem, it was a good thing. But then I learned that you can not enter long texts (mandatory for spin) in the fields "title", this problem will never be solved.

The component operates on a completly useless system of "tags", the tags are spins that you must set aside ... It's required to have at least one tag in the title and in the content for the component works. It's a waste of time when you are trying by all means to generate one content, during 1 week.

After several discussions with the developer, I learned that I had to spin differently my texts ... I finally ended up creating a spin allowed by the component (therefore a poor spin). This spin could generate tens of thousands of versions, but when I clicked to "Generate your articles" .. 4 articles were generated. No solution, the component is bungled.

Desperate by the time lost, I still demand a solution to this problem, no response to this question.

The "component" is unusable, and support indifferent. Run away and spin with a software...
Owner's reply: Your issue was already addressed to your support forum. In response to your issue: the spin text has some limitation; the maximum text allowed by a single {spin} text is 65539. However, you may use as many spin text as you want in a single article.

Regarding the 4 articles issue, it is because you were trying to generate huge articles with very limited server resources:
You need to increase the Maximum execution time and Maximum amount of time should to generate 500 Articles at once.
Maximum amount of memory should be at least 254MB to generate 500 Articles at once.

The application has been tested with 200 Articles generation successfully with a default server limits.
If you still have any issue please post your issue to our support forum.

Great Extension

Posted on 07 September 2012
I was just looking for a content generator for my site with ability of spinning text. This is a great extension that does just what it says.
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Diginix Content Generation

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Mar 23 2015
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Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
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This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System


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