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DISQUS plugin allows add the DISQUS service comments to pages of website content in the end of the text. The plugin has several options for adding the commenting only for individual materials or categories.
With this plugin you can add the popular DISQUS service commenting to articles on the site. It`s settings allow to configure the plugin ability to comment only selected materials or categories of material. To add a comment it’s enough to specify your name (identifier) in the DISQUS in the plugin settings.


• CMS Joomla! 3.2 or greater


• Joomla! 3 compatible
• Automatically add DISQUS service commenting to the Joomla! articles
• Adjustable categories to add comments
• Adjustable articles to add comments
• Adjustable type of adding comments to the selected articles and categories or to the all articles without selected articles and categories
• Adjustable comments merge for multilanguage sites


DISQUS плагин для материалов Joomla – плагин для CMS Joomla!, позволяющий добавить сервис комментирования DISQUS на страницы материалов сайта в конец текста. Плагин имеет ряд настроек для добавления возможности комментирования только для отдельных материалов или категорий.
При помощи этого плагина можно добавить популярный сервис комментирования DISQUS для статей на сайте. Ряд настроек плагина позволяет гибко настроить возможность комментирования только выбранных материалов или категорий материалов Joomla!. Для добавления комментариев достаточно в настройках плагина указать ваше имя (идентификатор) в системе DISQUS.
Дополнительные параметры плагина позволяют добавлять комментирование только на указанные статьи и категории, либо на все материалы, кроме указанных в настройках. Это позволяет учесть практически все случаи, когда выводить плагин комментирования DISQUS не нужно, например, на странице с контактной информацией или главной странице сайта. Или предоставить возможность комментирования только в отельных категориях материалов на сайте, которые могут относиться к блогу.


• CMS Joomla! 3.2 или выше


• Совместимость с Joomla! 3
• Автоматическое добавление сервиса комментирования DISQUS для статей Joomla!
• Возможность настройки категорий для добавления комментариев
• Возможность настройки отдельных материалов для добавления комментариев
• Возможность настройки режима добавления комментариев для выбранных категорий и материалов или для всех материалов кроме выбранных категорий и материалов
• Возможность настройки склеивания комментариев для многоязычных сайтов

O melhor

Posted on 10 October 2018

depois de testar uns 20 plugin/componente inclusive pagos, esse o mais simples de todo que realmente funcionou em meu site, parabéns.

Ease of use

Muito fácil de utilizar, simples e tranquilo


Nem vai precisar :)


Nem vai precisar :)

I used this to: Comentários de meu blog.
Watermark for JoomShopping

Watermark for JoomShopping

Free | JoomShopping extensions | BoxApp
0 reviews
Description JoomShopping Watermark - is a plugin, which can automatically apply a watermark to the image of the goods when you use JoomShopping component. The plugin performs drawing of the image watermark on all images JoomShopping product when it is saved. Plugin is installed as standard with the help of extension manager. After installation, you must enable the plugin in the Plugin Manager. For using the plugin you need to select the pattern image. It should be placed in the directory with the images of the site or its subdirectory. By default, this images folder is in the root directory of the site. Requirements • CMS Joomla! 3 / 2.5 or greater • JoomShopping component fitting version • GD Library (standard in mostly PHP installations, check with your host if you are unsure) Features • Joomla! 3, 2.5 compatible • Automatically create watermark images when you load or select image for JoomShopping products in administration interface • Support JPG, PNG and GIF image formats • Use pattern image from local directory • Adjustable product image type with watermark • Adjustable watermark horizontal alignment • Adjustable watermark vertical alignment • Adjustable watermark indent • Adjustable watermark scaling
Blocked template for JoomShopping with microformatting

Blocked template for JoomShopping with microformatting

Free | JoomShopping extensions | BoxApp
0 reviews
Description Blocked template for JoomShopping with microformatting – completely redesigned template for JoomShopping base on block layout, minimal design and most popular micro formatting protocols Open Graph and schema.org support. JoomShopping template based on div layout for simplifying page design changes using only css styles and JoomShopping base options to show or hide some elements. Template code was revised very much, but we use only abilities, which are embedded in JoomShopping. This allows simply install and use this template. This template is fully compatible with JoomShopping last version for Joomla! 3 and always updates when component has a new version. Template supports the most popular micro formatting protocols: Open Graph and schema.org for the product page, which improves the SEO optimization. Requirements • CMS Joomla! 3.0+ • JoomShopping component (template upgrades and uses new possibilities of the JoomShopping component, that’s why it’s recommended to update JoomShopping to the last version for the relevant Joomla! branch; if it’s impossible to update JoomShopping for some reasons, it’s better to use last stable release of template without update) Features • Joomla! 3 compatible • JoomShopping last version compatible (only embedded in JoomShopping abilities and options) • Блочная верстка страницы товара, списка товарных позиций для категории, производителей, продавцов и др. • Popular micro formatting protocols support: The Open Graph protocol and schema.org for product page • Optimized template code • More elements and classes for simplifying page design
Qiuck checkout for JoomShopping

Qiuck checkout for JoomShopping

Free | JoomShopping extensions | BoxApp
0 reviews
Description Quick checkout of goods on the site is a very common task. Such problem is solved by this addition. It allows you to organize ordering on the same page without stepwise selection of the parameters of the order. User fills in only one form for ordering. These design possibilities are not limited in any way comparing to the standard design process. The same data can be noted during the fast checkout. In addition, when you order products in one click it’s enough just to change the order form if you want to give the user the non-standard input fields. Requirements • CMS Joomla! 3 • JoomShopping component

DISQUS comments for content

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Sep 13 2017
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Jan 15 2015
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