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From the same creators of Domus Organizer, this is the professional version available to subscribed users.

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★ Full ACL support
Decide which agents can edit or view your properties/customer. Settings could be applied globally or for each agency: for example agents of agency A won't be able to edit or see record belonging to agency B and viceversa

★ Template system
Customize your layouts directly inside Joomla!, using you favorite WYSIWYG editor. No more template overrides!

★ Agenda
Keep track of all your appointments with customers and properties

★ Advanced search
You'll be able to run more effective searches, looking inside customer requests or property details: you'll be able to search for zone, price, number and type of rooms etc. etc.

★ Automatic search
Inside every customer/property, you will find a new tab reserved to the automatic search. Running the search, Domus Organizer will automatically search for properties that could interested your customer.

★ Multi-language support
If your site has international customers you can translate your contents.

★ Google Maps Street view
Do you want to show with exact precision where your property is? Turn on Street view service!

★ Google Calendar integration
As soon as you create an event in the agenda, publish it on the agent Calendar

★ PDF printing
You can enable the option to print out PDF for your properties

★ Image watermarks on photos
Instead of standard text watermarks, you can create them using an image

★ Photo beautification
The images are the most important thing in the presentation of a property, rely on this feature to automatically improve them.

★ XMAP plugin: include your properties in the sitemap
Through the XAMP plugin, you'll be able to include your properties inside your sitemaps, leading to better search results.

★ Properties assigned to agents
You can assign every property to an agency, that could directly receive contact email

★ Carousel Module included
Display your best properties using a fancy carousel module

★ Customers/Properties data import
Do you have data coming from an external source? Import them!

★ Multiple agencies
Do you several subsidiaries or you're inside a group of agencies? Manage them all inside Domus Organizer.

★ Add new features with plugins
Extends existing features with plugins: inside the pro version you'll be able to run all the plugins compatible with Joomla articles.

★ Custom module positions
Add new modules inside Domus Organizer pages without modifing its core!

★ Custom print templates
Create your own template with Microsoft Word and Domus Orgnizer will replace all the tokens with the values saved inside the component!

★ Integration with CREA real estate portal
Domus Organizer is integrated with the Canadian Real Estate Association servers: once your listing are updated on the remote server, the changes will be pulled inside your site. Automatically!

Applicazione ECCEZIONALE

Posted on 03 February 2016

Funziona perfettamente non presenta nessun problema di compatibilità e nota di merito è personalizzabile secondo le proprie necessità.

Ease of use

Semplice e intuitivo, di facile utilizzo, adatto anche ai meno esperti in materia di CMS


Supporto serio e professionale gestito dallo sviluppatore in doppia lingua (Italiano e Inglese)


Molto esaudiente

Value for money

Qualità ottima prezzo onestissimo

I used this to: In uso per la gestione di agenzia immobiliare con più sedi.
Domus Organizer

Domus Organizer

Free | Real Estate | Davide Tampellini
10 reviews
Domus Organizer is a tool for real estate agencies. Stop simply displaying your properties and start managing them. In addition to its own property, your agency will be able to organize and manage customers and their requests. Do you have a potential buyer looking for a nice apartment with air condition, garden, lift, recently renovated? Or you have a property and you want to look for if any of your customers are interested? With Domus Organizer you can save everything and manage it appropriately. You can find a public area, updated automatically every time you change an info. Do you want to unpublish an item and manage it internally? Simply click on a link and it's done! Every time you add a new image to the property, the public slideshow will be updated; the map on the admin area allows you to set up the position accurately. Don't be afraid of customizations! Everything is achieved using CSS, so simply override the stylesheet with template overrides and you're done! Moreover you can manage everything from the frontend, so you don't have to allow co-workers to login to the backend. Remember: this is not a simply extension, but a powerful tool for real estate agencies. *** Now dynamic fields are supported! You can customize your own installation as you wish!
c m p
TrackTime PRO

TrackTime PRO

Paid download | Project & Task Management | Davide Tampellini
3 reviews
Did you try our free extension TrackTime and you enjoyed it? Why don't you try the pro version, too? It has some useful features: ★ Extension repository How many extensions do you have on your computer? Did you really remember which project is using what and when you have to update? Save them all on your site and get notifications everytime you have to update something! ★ Single use download link Why upload your extension to your customer site, when you have an extension repository on your own (see above)? Just create a disposable link and install that extension using Joomla built-in "Install from URL" feature! ★ Frontend customer access Grant access to your customers and let them follow your activities. No more "What did you do today?" calls! ★ Invoices Tired of manually creating your invoices? It would be awesome if you can issue invoices starting from the activity you have just saved. Well, here it is! By the way, we have deloped invoice plugins, so if you need any custom computation required by your country, let us know! ★ Agenda What about a nice and fancy calendar to track down your appointments? Editing events is so simple: just drag them around! By the way, you can add events for payments and incomes, so you'll never forget to call the customer for invoice payment. ★ Correspondence What about creating your own letterhead and save your own correspondence? Instead of creating a new estimate everytime, you can simply edit a saved one.. Well, now you can! Using the template system, you can define some templates for your outgoing documents. ★ Reports Do you want to send all the access information regarding a project? Do you want to send a summary of the activity done on a project? Simply click on the button, the report will come out! Every report is handled using templates: just create your custom HTML and inject the tokens, TrackTime will do the rest. ★ Remote log (experimental) Simply install the Remote Track plugin on the customer site, set it up and then it will do the rest! Everytime you logoff, Remote Track will submit the time spent on with your customer, for an easy and fast tracking ★ Frontend acces You asked for it, we added it. Now your co-workers can submit their activities from frontend, too

Domus Organizer Professional

Davide Tampellini
Last updated:
Nov 23 2017
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Paid download
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Uses Joomla! Update System

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