Cloud Storage

With this component you can connect joomla to
You can publish files, view the pictures in a directory and let users upload files to dropbox.
You can use the extension as a component or as a plugin

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* 4.0: access to complete dropbox, not only Apps folder
* 4.0: use new dropbox API

1. PHP 5 >= 5.6 with PECL json >= 1.2.0
2. cURL with SSL
3. Joomla 3.x

Costs: You decide yourself how much you like to pay for the plugin (min 1,8 EUR)

Do you have questions, need support or found a bug? Write me a twitter message:
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This extension is very functional for my clients to upload their large artwork to my dropbox.

Ease of use

Very easy to setup. Took less than 10 minutes to have everything behave and work the way I wanted it to.


Support is excellent.
Artur went out of his way to help me fix a problem cause by my Hosting Company.

Value for money

Worth every cent.
I would have liked to pay more.

I used this to: Joomla 3.2

Quick and Easy

Posted on 06 October 2016

works as designed

Ease of use

simple interface, simple use.. just what i was looking for


More than expected. Got a quick and very good support on my first request. Was solved within one mail...



Value for money

as you can choose how many to spend - it´s more than fair!

I used this to: my site


Does exactly what it promises.

Ease of use

Very simple to configure.


Would give 110/100 if possible. Had a Problem>wrote Email to Dev>Dev located specific Problem>Dev fixed Problem whilst keeping me updated

Value for money

Very good Value for Money


The functionality is perfect, I can connect my Dropbox accounts and upload files. But I miss a "delete button" on private folders.

Ease of use

Very simple configuration. Easy to use.


The support is fine.


Intuitive configuration. No documentation needed.

Value for money

You can pay a simbolic price! Nice!

I used this to: 3.1.beta.1

This is Totally Great Component and Plugin. It make life easier to share files from your dropbox with easy upload process and without any high load on your server..Sharing files never been easier.

The only missing things is a Pre-defined Css templates, adding some ready templates views will be big addition (Examples: Table View, List View, Icons View..etc). It took very long time with me to play with Css.

Also Adding the ability to show/Hide (Modified Date, Size) will be nice.

Ability to connect Dropbox and sugarsync is Great, but Huge amount of users are now using (, So adding the ability to connect box will be big dream.

Thanks Developer.

Great extension. First after the installation I was unable to connect to my dropbox, I contacted the support department and in a day after installing the new alpha version the extension works perfectly! Great Job Artur

Excellent extension

Posted on 22 July 2013

Really an excellent extension to exchange all sorts of data. And the icing on the cake, an effective, reactive and very nice support. All this for a very low price...

Great idea

Posted on 26 March 2013

This tool is very good idea, it gives the possibility to get big files, easy to use, thanks a lot for this. Nearly perfect realisation. Like it ;)

Unique assistance from developer of this extension!

Great extension and greatly recommended!

Highly Recommended

Posted on 15 January 2013

If you have a need for clients to upload anything and don't want them uploading data to your web server, this is the extension you need! This is helping my company, saving us time and steps... Just check your dropbox folder and bam! Files are there, no more FTP and downloading.

Import for K2

Import for K2

Paid download | K2 extensions | Artur Neumann
34 reviews
With this component you can import content into K2 from a CSV-file and export your K2 data to a CSV file. This is not a good component for regular backups. It's much better to backup the database directly! Use this extension for transferring items to/from K2, mass updates in K2 and so on, but do not relay on it as your only backup. Important: - the version 1.x is for Joomla 1.5 /1.6 / 1.7 / 2.5 - the version 2.x is for Joomla 3.x NEW in version 2.6: - compatible with K2 2.8.0 The import and export works for nearly all standard K2 fields. Images are exported as path to the file. The hierarchy of the categories is not exported or imported. Try an export first to have a example file and check the documentation. Check the documentation link for an example CSV-file or use the export function first and change the file. Costs: You decide yourself how much you like to pay for the plugin (min 1,79 EUR) Do you have questions, need support or found a bug? Write me a twitter message: Do you want to stay up to date? Follow me on twitter:
c e

Dropbox Component

Artur Neumann
Last updated:
Jun 16 2017
Date added:
Jun 22 2009
GPLv2 or later
Paid download

Uses Joomla! Update System

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