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Moolah provides a single-page, mobile-ready checkout for the sale of premium goods and business services.

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Your store will load into the current page of your site, and each step of the check loads smoothly under the previous one. A Moolah store can adjust automatically to whatever device the customer is using, and works with as well with a 4" screen as it does with a 24" screen.

You can easily integrate Moolah into any website, including Joomla, Wordpress, or even a normal HTML webpage. You can deploy to several sites at one time.

The Moolah package for Joomla includes both a standard component so that you can create menu links to your store, as well as a content plugin so that you can embed parts of your store into an article.

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As a developer, I've used most of the major shopping store plugins available over the years, and I'm quite impressed with Moolah's AJAX checkout - that's a really nice feature you don't see anyplace else. I think they've got the right idea here, but some important features are currently missing. Moolah needs some more reporting. Otherwise, it's a good checkout system.


Posted on 14 January 2013
Excellent work. I've got my store running on two WordPress sites and two Joomla sites - works perfectly. Moolah automatically takes the look and feel from each site. As advertized.

Moolah E-Commerce

Toby Patterson
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
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This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System


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