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HikaSubscription adds features for membership and subscriptions to a HikaShop store.
Manage your plans and create products for create or renew subscriptions.

HikaSubscription is a Joomla! component which works with the e-commerce solution HikaShop.
Thanks to HikaShop, you already have all the needed features around taxes, discounts, coupon, invoices, payments...
Adding HikaSubscription, you can also use recurring payment plugin, like Paypal Recurring in order to sell automatic renewed subscriptions.
Via the plugin system, actions can be processed when a subscription activates or expires.

  • Create, modify and assign your plans to your HikaShop products
  • Have renew and upgrade products to let your customer update their subscriptions
  • Perform recurring payments for auto-renew subscriptions
  • Generate unique images or PDFs based on the subscription
  • Assign Joomla user groups to the customer on subscription activation or expiration
  • Add the customer to an Acymailing list during the validity of the subscriptions
  • Add the customer to an Acymailing list on expiration
  • Provide downloadable files to active subscribers
  • Extend the features with plugins
  • Full integration with the HikaShop customer front-end dashboard
  • Visualize the subscription on the front-end
  • Perform subscription renewal directly from the customer dashboard
  • You can configure many notification emails for the subscription expiration with different delays and per plan
  • Integration with HikaMarket so vendors can create subscription products
  • Paypal recurring payment plugin for HikaShop
  • You can also use all HikaSerial features

HikaSubscription is compatible with Joomla 2.5 and 3.x.
It requires HikaShop 4.0.0 or newer (works with starter or commercial editions)

Great UI, Very expandable and flexible for any e-commerce business needs. HIGHLY RECOMMEND PAYING THE VERY REASONABLE PRICE FOR BUSINESS ED.
Ease of use
Very easy to use and has help menu item for any category your in linking to an iframe with documentation directly related to that section.
A++++++++++ Best, most thorough support I've ever experienced. Hands down, the best team and developer I could have ever worked with!
Excellent! They have a help tab on every page in their component that opens an iframe directly related to the section with information.
Value for money
A+! Good price worth every penny. Dont cheat yourself and go free version. The BUSINESS EDITION IS WORTH THE VERY SMALL FEE! Youll be happy.
I used this to: Ecommerce. No matter what your business is, Hika is very flexible and it will work for you. They have more than enough plugins to meet everyones needs both inhouse but also integration with 3rd party plugins. This should be the #1 ecommerce solution on JED hands down. It will be!
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HikaSubcription for HikaShop

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Jul 19 2019
4 years ago
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Dec 27 2017
GPLv2 or later
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