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This Joomla Paypal module is a very customizable module to enable Paypal Donations or Payments on your Joomla website. There are lots of companies and websites which would require just a simple Paypal button on their Joomla site, rather than a full blown ecommerce component.

Charities, churches, small clubs, or websites which are offering small downloads or memberships against a fee can all make use of the Joomla paypal module to solicit donations from their visitors.

Being able to accept Joomla paypal donations or payments takes your website to a whole new level - because it opens the doors for new income and revenue opportunities. Of course, it's not just your website which is going to benefit through accepting donations via Joomla. The donations you accept via your site make it easier to meet the financial needs of your organisation, particularly if your site is actually a non-profit making organisation, or if your budgets are typically tight.

No fees associated with Joomla paypal module

The fact that you don't need to integrate with any complex payment gateway ensures that it is very simple and cost-effective to use this donation module. In essence, the only fees your Joomla donate button will incur are those imposed through Paypal, but of course, using Paypal is also mitigating a lot of risk for you.

Our Joomla paypal module keeps things really really simple, however it is a fully functional solution if you want to accept donations or payments on your Joomla website. The module has been downloaded literally tens of thousands of times over the last 10 years or so since we have actually released the module. As you can see from the reviews, you'll find that the Joomla paypal donations module has been an excellent choice for the users who have decided to use it so far.

The Joomla Paypal features

  • Allows you to use whether to display a Paypal Image or your own text - this is essentially the Joomla Paypal button which will allow users to understand that your website accepts Paypal payments. We typically recommend that you create an approved Joomla Paypal button, to make sure that people can recognise it and you won't have any issues of trust.
  • Customizable Paypal email - which is associated with your Paypal account
  • Paypal Name of Organization to send money to
  • User selectable Currency for Payment
  • Choose whether to enable timed payments, and choose the frequency of the timed payment (Weekly, Monthly, Annually)
  • Fixed value or user entered monetary value, with smallest amount of payment possible
  • Choice of default currency
  • Choice of text for Submit button e.g. Donate, Pay Now etc.
  • Return address (URL) when payment is complete - typically you'll enter the Joomla website where the Paypal payment was made
  • Cancel address (URL) in case payment is cancelled - you might want to put in a site which urges the user to reconsider
  • CSS aware for customizable style of module

Now supports all currencies supported by Paypal API

Joomla Paypal usage

This is an excellent Joomla Paypal extension. Keeps things very simple, but allows you to quickly integrate Paypal with your Joomla website.

We have full instructions on how to add Paypal to Joomla website using our module, and we'd be happy to provide you with any support which you will require should you encounter any issues while creating your Payment or Donation integration.

Should you require any development or new functionality in the Joomla Paypal module, we'd be happy to hear from you too.

A really easy module

Posted on 23 January 2017
Module for payment with Paypal
Choice of currency, choice of amount to be paid
Paypal logo display
and more
Ease of use
Very easy to install and implement
I used this to: Rental payment of a sailing boat at the dock
Simple, elegant, you re-use the module (copying it, or creating new) over and over again. Very attractive and easy for the user
Ease of use
Really easy to use and easy to edit.
Support is wonderful. Not that I needed much. David is very friendly and approachable. Module is free, but feel free to donate €3 for a beer
There is documentation if needed, but the module is very easy to use
I used this to: Several donation pages for our work website. We are a Charity (, so we need all the help we can get.


Posted on 12 October 2013
very easy to install and to use, in case of question the devlopper is very friendly and answer very quicly to our request.

thanks to him
This mod is VERY easy to install, and with the click of the button from the end user, it takes you directly to PayPal with the form already completed. Worked on first try. No worries, it just works and does a great job.
Downloaded and Installed Easy Joomla PayPal Payment module without a problem, unfortunately after making payment the Paypal page does not redirect to the url indicated in the parameters. I even changed the url in my Paypal settings account still it did not automatically redirect after a payment was made. One has to click to the button to return to homepage.
Owner's reply: This is NOT a problem of the module but the way Paypal works per se.
No fancy bells and whistles that complicate things. This module does exactly what it says it does. It's a PayPal button to allow for a simple payment, period. I load the module into an article with the supporting text around it, and VOILA!

Exactly what I need and it works like a charm. Thanks guys.

Fabulous Extension

Posted on 04 July 2012
This module is great.

It took less than 10 min to be installed, configured and running smoothly.

Thank you Dart-creations team

Great Extension!

Posted on 23 June 2012
Very quick and simple to set up. I am a beginner to Joomla and had no problems installing and getting this extension to work. I bought the Pro version - less than $5, you can't beat it.

I am satified

Posted on 14 June 2012
It paid the for the pro-version, for so less money I didn't want to take the risk. From paying (by paypal) till installing and changing the necessary parameters took only 10 minutes. And it worked. Ask the developers a questions and got a quick reply.
Great extension, easy to install and implement. Contacted developer about an anomaly and he responded quickly and fixed it. It's worth spending a few bucks to support good extensions like this.
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Easy Joomla Paypal

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Mar 01 2022
2 years ago
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Jul 29 2008
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System


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