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v3.6: fixes for new API , and new design for seller name.
v3.5: new responsive panel version!

Are you seller on Ebay and you want to promote your auctions on your website, to attract portential bidders?

Use our widgets and join our community of 1.000.000 users monthly !
Displays a river or a panel auctions by seller.

Parameters available:
- Seller ID
- Types of item (auction, buy it now, all items, inventory).
- Sort order (End of auction, bid count, price plus shipping, current bid).
- floating or responsive version
- Number of auctions to display.
- cachable in the parameter module
- thumbnail size

Additional features:
- all codes done on our widgets, updated by ajax
- Display automatically thumbnails pictures and bid now links
- efficient and clean code (9Ko zip archive)
- CSS file to modify layout (tableless css)

Very good

Posted on 12 September 2014

I've been using this module, and wanted to make a few adjustments to it, the problem was, I did not know how to. So I decided to contact the developer (Chris) And the help was excellent for a free module!

He added everything I asked for and all for free, his replies were very quickly and also really helpfull.

If you're looking for a good ebay module, I can highly recommdend this!

Not bad

Posted on 11 January 2013
A good extension thats quick to set up and does what is expected, and free.

But as code is running on the vendor site "All parsing and code running on our server: your server stays free of surcharge. We take care." This really is slowing down our web site waiting for it
I would have rated this excellent as it was very easy/quick to install and implement.

However, on both sites that I installed this module on, no "bid now" or any bidding buttons would appear. The documentation was lacking making it difficult to troubleshoot. Missing this call-to-action was imperative for the client, therefore somewhat disappointed.

Excellent rating if the bid now would only work :(
Owner's reply: Hi,
The "bid now" parameter was commented recently on eBayseller, due to a new non stable feedback API from eBay.
This is one of our next priorities, thank you
Very easy to setup, within few minutes up and running, great work boss
Module works well - although I wish it had a bit more templates/customization available on the design.

Bug in IE (9?)

Would have given this a Good rating except I found an bug in IE (could be limited to just IE9). The auction details are cached for repeat visits when using IE9. Works in Firefox and updates accordingly.

For an auction extension having stale data isn't a good thing since it makes the visitor think there is more time available on the auction (and lower price) than what is actually represented. I don't want a potential bidder thinking that have days left instead of hours.

Works as advertised

Posted on 26 March 2011
Easy to work with plus lots of options offered to show your ebay products on your joomla site. I'm keeping this one and deleting the other ebay mods I have installed!


Posted on 14 January 2011
Works as advertised but missing a very needed feature, RANDOM LISTINGS! I have over 1000 items in my ebay store but the same listings display every time. Kinda missing the point of exposure.

Also, a "Display All" with pagination set by the admin at a preferred number of listings displayed would be nice.

Thanks for the module!
Owner's reply: Hi,
Thanks for your comment and suggestion.
Items are limited to 100 by eBay, so we'll implement asap a random on selected display option.
this extension works great, easy to install, good support from team.

Single Ebay

Single Ebay

By Chris
Affiliate Systems
Do you want to promote one of your ebay auction on your own website? It's very easy with singleEbay module. Just put your ebayitemID and your auction will be automatically displayed in the module. This module uses the the latest API available on Ebay developer website. Choose specific parameters to match your design needs: Parameters: - the ebay itemID of your auction (available on you ebay auct...
eBay store

eBay store

By Chris
Affiliate Systems
New version 3.5. If you have a store on eBay, you can use this html widget on your joomla website. Just select some parameters to match your needs and your listing will be automatically displayed in the module, in a river news style. ADDITIONAL FEATURES: - new panel format, responsive. - Widgets can be geo targeted: if your store sell items in several countries, you can filter widgets by country...

Ebay seller

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Jun 06 2020
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Oct 29 2009
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System


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