JCK Editor Extensions, Editor Buttons

Universal buttons give you the possibility to create your own editor buttons.

Want to create a help popup? You can!
Popup an upload page from another component? Easy!
Is your favorite plugin lacking an editor button? Create one your self!
A button for Article Template? You can make it!


  • Create unlimited amount of buttons with one extension
  • Set authorization on group level for each button
  • Open a webpage in a popup.
  • Add a template text with HTML support under a button
  • Add parameters to use in your template text.

Convenient extension

Posted on 16 March 2023
All functions work as stated by the developer. Works like in TinyMCE, and in JCE editor.
Ease of use
Install and add all buttons I need with the required parameters. Quick & easy.
Not required because comprehensive documentation is available both in developer's site and GitHub.
Comprehensive. Documentation with illustrations on GitHub, as well as interactive demo on developer's site.
I used this to: 1) Extended versions of buttons for plugins.
2) Commonly used code patterns.


By M Rodenburg
Print & PDF
Compared to other PDF viewers this one is focused on integration with jDownloads and searching. But you can also still embed other PDF files from your website. Features - Uses the pdf.js webviewer - Set pagenumber to open by tag or url. - Joomla Highlight smartsearch integration - Set search by tag or url. - Show the PDF file as Embedded, popup or in a new window - Customize height and width for...
Community Builder list

Community Builder list

By M Rodenburg
Community Builder extensions
Show a Community Builder list in a module with custom presentation-template with the possibility of using/presenting all user fields from CB and Joomla. Features: - Create your own layout in a simple editor - Use all existing fields - Responsive columns - Set number of user to show - Order random - Set autorisation...
CB profile

CB profile

By M Rodenburg
Community Builder extensions
This plugin allows you to show Community Builder user profiles in the content. Features: - show multiple user in the order that you want - Resize picture - Select a CB user list to show - Show by username or email - Create own template with every field you want - Randomize users - Show top x users...

Universal buttons

M Rodenburg
Last updated:
Sep 24 2022
1 year ago
Date added:
Sep 24 2021
GPLv2 or later
Free download
J3 J4

Uses Joomla! Update System


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