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*** Update to 3.0 final.
- fixed some bugs
- make it work with all versions of php - now included v7+
- works with all Joomla 3x versions.

(we will try to make it run with J4 soon!)

This is a unique tool (probably in the world)
With the help of excel file you can import into your Joomla site hundred of article at once.

It is good for SEO, and for fast content import.
NOTE!: ONLY XLS files! (no xlsx)
NOTE!: ONLY Joomla 3xx

Availabe fields:

Article ID > Not editable. If empty will auto-create new one.
If you edit it, it will brake the article!

**Article title **> Editable / Mandatory

**Alias **> Editable. If empty will auto-create it based on Article title.

**Category **> Editable / Mandatory / If not existing - will be created

**Content **> Editable / Can be left empty

Image > Editable > Intro Image is the same as Full Article Image
Example: images/stories/YOUR-IMAGE.jpg
* the image must exists on given path, else..will show a missing image icon.

Tags > Editable / Can be left empty

Published > Editable / Can be left empty /
Example: Y or N

Featured > Editable / Can be left empty /
Example: Y or N

Start publishing > Editable / Can be left empty
Example: 05/25/2015

Finish Publishing > Editable / Can be left empty
Example: Never

Meta Description > Editable / Can be left empty

**Meta Keywords **> Editable / Can be left empty

Elite-XL did exactly what it supposed to do. Exporting Articles into Excel file (or create your own) and then Import the excel file.
Ease of use
The buttons and layout is straight forward and Elite-XL is very easy to use.
I had an error (but was due to my environment and not Elite-XL). I logged the error with Emi, and they sort it out very fast. 10 Stars!!!!
The documentation is easy to read and understand. I had no problem following the instructions.
Value for money
Definitely. Money will spent. Compared to the other available components and for what I need, I was glad to find this component.
I used this to: Importing self-created excel file with article records from another non-Joomla application. I just had to get my data records in the same format, then import. As expected, only the categories with articles was exported in the article records, and created in the import.
excellent. its the only extension i found that easily gives me the joomla article id
Ease of use
very intuitive - just click a button!
not needed
Value for money
Does exactly what i need 10/10
I used this to: exporting joomla articles so i can get the article id for use in another extension

Very easy to use

Posted on 07 December 2016
Imports articles from .xls-file
Ease of use
very easy to use
short and good documentation
Value for money
very helpful tool. good value
I used this to: import of content


3.0 (final)
Last updated:
May 04 2020
4 years ago
Date added:
Jun 03 2015
GPLv2 or later
Paid download
c p

Uses Joomla! Update System


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