The EventList Package is all about weekly recurring events like choir rehearsals, group meetings, etc. It includes two extensions:

  1. A Plugin that adds a number of fields like contact person, phone number, email address, weekday, starting time, etc. to an article describing a weekly recurring event. This information will be displayed below the article content in an InfoBox. The Plugin can be used stand-alone.

  2. A Module that lists all weekly recurring events, sorted by weekday and starting time. This Module requires the Plugin to be installed.

Das EventList-Paket dreht sich um wöchentlich wiederkehrende Events wie Bandproben, Chorproben, Gruppenstunden, etc. Es beinhaltet zwei Erweiterungen:

  • Ein Plugin, das Zusatzfelder (Ansprechpartner, Telefonnummer, E-Mail, Wochentag, Zeit, etc.) für wöchentlich wiederkehrende Events zur Verfügung stellt und diese Informationen dann am Ende des Artikels als "InfoBox" darstellt (auch stand-alone verwendbar)
  • Ein Modul, das eine nach Tagen und Uhrzeit sortierte Liste mit allen Events generiert (nur in Zusammenhang mit PlugIn nutzbar)
If you have an article (describing a recurring activity) that you would like to promote on your website, this product does it for you.
Ease of use
Easy as 1-2-3: read the documentation. The output can be easily styled with your own CSS as necessary.
English is not the author's native language but the documentation describes the process quite well.
I used this to: I was asked to evaluate regularly recurring event-like features for a client who is building a website for a local community-run organisation. I've recommended this one for their purposes.


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Dec 19 2022
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Jan 23 2019
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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J3 J4

Uses Joomla! Update System


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