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With the Extension Creator Joomla Developers can create with few clicks installable Joomla ZIP files.

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  • simple management of projects and versions (components, modules, templates & plugins available, languages in development)
  • create with just one click installable package files based on the project data
  • installation files can be downloaded and installed on Joomla! websites
  • full German and English translations

Mit der Joomla Erweiterung Extension Creator können Joomla Entwickler Ihre Projekte verwalten und mit wenigen Klicks installierbare Joomla ZIP Pakete erstellen.

  • einfache Verwaltung der Projekte und Versionen (Komponenten, Module und Plugins verfügbar, Sprachen in Arbeit)
  • erstellen der Installationspakete anhand der Projektdaten mit nur einem Klick
  • Installationspakete können heruntergeladen und in anderen Joomla Webseiten installiert werden
  • vollständige deutsche wie auch englische Übersetzungen
Digistore Connect Digistore Connect
Paid download

Digistore Connect

By Roland Meier
Payment systems
Connect with the Digistore Connect Extension your Joomla! with the affiliate and payment service Digistore24. You can use Joomla! basic functions or other extensions, which use the Joomla! rights system, a sales portal for digital products, downloads or seminars with Joomla! own functionality or other Extensions. Digistore24 Service Digistore24 is a service which takes care of the entire proc...
Paid download


By Roland Meier
JoomISP is a component for Joomla! which offers various Internet Services such as Webhosting, Server rental or VoIP. All offers, orders, customers and domains can be managed via the Joomla! backend. Customers can also view their orders in the Joomla! frontend. With various plugins for Server Control Panels for example Confixx, Plesk, ispCP, i-mscp, Cpanel/WHM, ISPConfig and LiveConfig, an easy cr...
Content Changer Content Changer
Paid download

Content Changer

By Roland Meier
Content Submission
Content Changer is a Joomla Component with which you can move contents between categories or access levels in combination with a Cronjob. Features - automate shifting contents from one category to another after a set time in days with a cronjob - automate moving posts in a user access level to another after a set time in days with a cronjob - Email notification as well as live output of the actio...
Template Changer Template Changer
Paid download

Template Changer

By Roland Meier
Template Changer is a Joomla Module to provide your users to switch the websites Template. Features - display a own Logo - display the Template Changer on top or bottom - set background- and text-color - set color of changer button - display the template thumbnail - setup columns to display the templates...
Reset Countdown Reset Countdown
Paid download

Reset Countdown

By Roland Meier
Database Management
With the Reset Countdown & Reset Countdown Admin modules you can display a countdown to every full hour or rest of the current day. So you are able to offer a Joomla Demo Site showing a countdown until next reset....
WhoIS Checker WhoIS Checker
Paid download

WhoIS Checker

By Roland Meier
Hosting & Servers
With the WhoIS Checker you can display a Domain availability check on your homepage. You can setup available Domain Endings (TLDs) and individual language texts. In combination with the JoomISP Component the visitor can order the domains for example with a hosting....
User Changer User Changer
Paid download

User Changer

By Roland Meier
Site Access
With the User Changer Component for Joomla! you can add, change or remove Acess Levels from your Users after a specified time. Features - add, change or remove automatically an Access Levels from your Users after a specified time with a cronjob - remove complete user accounts automatically after a specified time in days with a cronjob - Email notification as well as live output of the actions...

Extension Creator

Roland Meier
Last updated:
Jul 19 2018
Date added:
Jul 29 2016
GPLv2 or later
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Uses Joomla! Update System