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Make YOOtheme Pro websites GDPR compliant. Protect your visitors' privacy when using Page Builder elements with Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, Vimeo and YouTube. Additionally use a Consent Management Platform to obtain and document your visitors' consent in a professional way.

Corporate Tools contains several features to boost GDPR compliance on YOOtheme Pro websites.

Consent Overlays

With Consent Overlays you can inform your visitors about external services and request their consent before loading the service. Consent Overlays are highly customizable and fully adapt to your YOOtheme Pro style. You can even show thumbnails of your map and video content which will be automatically fetched and cached by this extension. The visitor's privacy is still protected until the consent is given.

Currently, these services (with integrators in braces) are supported:

  • Google Analytics (YOOtheme Pro)
  • Google Maps (YOOtheme Pro, DPCalendar*)
  • OpenStreetMap (YOOtheme Pro, DPCalendar*)
  • reCAPTCHA (Joomla!, RSForm!Pro)
  • Vimeo (YOOtheme Pro, Joomla!)
  • YouTube (YOOtheme Pro, Joomla!) * partially supported

Usercentrics Integration

Usercentrics is a leading provider of Consent Management Platforms (CMP) that helps you obtain, manage and document the consent of your visitors. Corporate Tools integrates the CMP into YOOtheme Pro for a seamless experience.

Corporate Tools for YOOtheme Pro

Markus Mauthe
Last updated:
May 15 2024
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Jul 15 2023
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