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With Additional Categories for K2 you can easily assign a K2 item to more than one K2 category. With a very simple usability you have now a new tool to extend the content management of the powerfull K2 Component.

Change Log:

2015/06/11 Version 1.0.2

  • Fixed sql error when creating a new K2 item
  • Replace functions, methods removed from Joomla v3.x platform
  • Fixed php Strict Standards errors

2013/04/22 Version 1.0.1

  • Fixed category list on administrator showing dashes or numbers
  • Added Joomla v3.x compatibility
  • Added functionality due to changes on K2 database query after v2.6.3
  • Added functionality for User page (blog) option filtered by category

Perfect Add for K2

Posted on 26 January 2016
Very easy. Just Select add. categories and save
Ease of use
Install one click.
I used this to: K2
Adding more categories to the product without problems
Ease of use
Very easy, just installation and ready to go
Worked very well, no hiccups. Installed already published and worked like a charm! I love it. I am using Joomla 3 with K2. No issues!
Ease of use
Perfect. Very easy! Tested out very nice! Deserves a donation for sure!
I see the developer has gone far to make sure people can get it working by his forum!
The documentation and support look great!
I used this to: More categories for my retail store.

Great extension

Posted on 20 August 2014
WOW, this componente is fantastic.... thank you so much.

Works good

Posted on 17 January 2014
Worked within 2 minutes of installing it, nice to be able to choose extra categories. Worked great for a few days, all of a sudden today it wouldn't let me add an item, doing a search of the error lead to their forum, where there was very clear, and I have to say EASY, instructions on how to fix it. Applied the fix, all is well. Thanks for great extension.

A wonderful product

Posted on 05 November 2013
I installed this and it worked immediately. It doesn't mix up existing categories with additional ones. There is a separate field for the additional categories.

One suggestion that might add a lot to K2 is would be the ability to synchronise K2 tags with K2 additional categories.
Simply install. And it works. Outstanding.

URLs is appended to the default-configured category. Now, if only K2 would append all item URLs to the component root, as other CMS and CCK web applications do, the package would be perfected.

Thanks to the developer.


Posted on 13 May 2013
I must say that this is a much needed function for K2.

I'm very grateful for this extension, since it really helped me solve some problems!

Extension itself is great, it does exactly what it says. Installation is super easy and no core files are hacked just great.

Not only extension was great but also documentation. Everything was explained very well and developer also has included suggestions for some common problems that might occur, which is amazing, since not a lot of people think about these things.

It seems that this extension is even better than some paid alternatives. I will definitely be donating soon!
Perfect plugin. I think this feature should be implemented into K2 because it`s something that many users use. It`s very important feature and this plugin works just fine. If you have SQL error in Joomla 3 check the support forum there is a fix for that issue.

Essetial Plugin for K2

Posted on 16 February 2013
This plugin does what it says. It allows you to assign multiple categories to K2 items. It doesn't do any core file hacking of the original K2 and its databases, but comes with its own.

Additional categories that you have assigned to items with this plugin are basically secondary categories. The primary category is the original K2 category. You can only have one primary and multiple secondary categories.

Items will keep the URL structure of the primary category to prevent duplicated content.

Why this feature isn't already in the K2 core is beyond me.

Note: If you use Joomla 2.5, there is a chance that you can't see the additonal categories in the backend. However there is a fix in the support forum available.

Additional Categories for K2

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Aug 13 2020
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Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
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