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Do you care about SEO? Are you tired of being penalized by Google for having a duplicate content?

With our plugin you will get real canonical links for your K2 articles/tags/categories. We've tried all other solutions, tried Joomla 3 native solution, and found out that they all had issues, as reported on various forums around the web.

We care about SEO, so we decided to develop our own plugin, to have real K2 canonical links.

Don't worry anymore if you can reach a K2 article with links like:

All of them will have the same canonical link!

Same goes for tags like

or categories

Even user views are supported!

Furthermore, it will detect if an article/tag/category has a direct link in the menu and use it as the canonical version, attention is payed so that the most appropriate link is chosen!

Works with Joomla 2.5 and 3.x!

Recent changes:

3.34 (2018/04/07)
+ Improved compatibility with sh404sef

3.33 (2017/12/20)
* K2 Content tools module broken because of the plugin

3.32 (2017/12/13)
* Some systems to not detected properly if tag is filtered
* Some systems require to check against urldecoded tag as well when searching for the tag menu*
* Fixed pagination link in combination with sh404sef

3.31 (2017/03/20)
* K2: Check if menu has a different language than default

3.29 (2017/01/25)
* When url rewriting is disabled (/index.php/ shows in all links), canonical link may not be correct

3.28 (2017/01/23)
* Set canonical for itemlist view where there is no ID set (rare)

3.27 (2016/11/23)
* Properly encode canonical link for K2 tags with spaces
* Language code wasn't always detected

3.26 (2016/08/23)
* Encode canonical link parts, improvement for links with utf-8 characters

3.25 (2016/05/02)
+ One click updates using native Joomla interface

3.24 (2016/03/12)
+ Option to enable/disable redirection between slashed and non-slashed page
* K2: Do not redirect ChronoForms for K2

3.23 (2016/02/28)
* Potential infinite redirect loop for the homepage

3.22 (2016/02/27)
* Differentiate links with and without a trailing slash
+ Enable Chronoforms support in item view

3.21 (2016/02/10)
* Full PHP 7 support
* Canonical for tag with own menu would sometimes be incorrect

This completely sorted out the SEO issues I was dealing with caused by the lack of canonicalization.
Ease of use
Super simple to use.
The only time I write these reviews is when I get exceptional support - these guys go above and beyond
Clear, simple, straightforward
Value for money
No hesitation recommending to others.
I used this to: Fixing SEO issues caused by multiple links to the same content without rel="canonical" attributes.
All that i needed - canonical urls on every k2 page (even wrong url)
Redirects from non canonucal pages.
Ease of use
Actually it does everything itself. Justvery few preferances.
Value for money
Ok for me
I used this to: Huge website with more than 500 pages.
Extension does exactly what it should do - puts accurate and correct canonical references.
Ease of use
Setup can not be simpler. As soon as I turned on the plug-in, everything immediately worked as it should.
The developer for 1 day has corrected the code of the plugin, so that everything works correctly on my joomla 2.5 with joomfish 2013 release
Briefly and in fact, more is not necessary
Value for money
Worth your money, definitely
Just install it and off you go
Ease of use
Even I can do it
Fantastic! Marko did more then necessary because of an issue that wasn't even caused by his plug-in
Value for money
Absolutely, especially concerning the time he spent to take a look at my problem
I used this to: K2 SEO
Ease of use
Value for money
Worth the money
I used this to: I need to fix duplicate meta description and it worked as promise. The support is really GREAT. The developer answers all my questions.

Take Control of Your K2 URLs

Posted on 04 January 2016
Simple and super effective - it does exactly what it claims to do
Ease of use
I had the plugin functioning exactly how I wanted it within 2 parameter clicks
I contacted the developer with a few pre-sales questions. He responded rapidly and was very professional.
Straight forward instructions that are easily accessible via the website.
Value for money
Excellent value
I used this to: I use this extension to stop K2 from producing many duplicate page variations.

Works as promised

Posted on 09 October 2015
works as promised
Ease of use
only a few option, just works
Value for money
worth the money
I used this to: well, to have canonical links
Damn easy. Install, activate and works like a charm!
Ease of use
Even a monkey could manage it!
Perfect. Marko is always available, even on SUNDAYS!
Easy and simple
Value for money
100% worth it!
I used this to: Duplicte Content issues with k2
I don't know why this is no k2 core features??? No K2 installation without this!
Ease of use
Install and finish! Only 3 useful parameters
I thought there was a print-url-handling missing, i asked how to solve. Some hours later, a new version of this plugin comes out! Great!
Value for money
I don't know why this extension directory got's so many mandatory fields!!
I used this to: K2 ;-)


Posted on 07 May 2015
Ease of use
Very easy
The best support
Value for money
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Canonical Links All in One

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Do you care about SEO? Are you tired of being penalized by Google for having a duplicate content? Install Canonical Links All in One and you'll get a full-featured solution! With our plugin you will get real canonical links for your Joomla content/K2/VM3/EasyBlog. We've tried all other solutions, tried Joomla 3 native solution, and found out that they all had various issues. We care about SEO, s...

Canonical Links for K2

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