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PAYTR, is a service which provides the website owners to get secured online payments from the websites in a fast and simple way with the help of PCI-DSS Level 1 Service Provider adapted technical infrastructure and experienced staff and also has the licence of the Central Bank of Turkish Republic. PayTR provides both the store’s payment security and the customer's card security with its PCI-DSS Level 1 Service Provider adapted technical infrastructure by its experienced staff.

The sellers who use VM Payment - PayTR Virtual Pos iFrame API payment methods add-on provide the customers to choose PayTR payment method on the checkout page. The sellers who use PayTR payment methods provide to take secured payments from PayTR services. Customers using the PayTR payment method allow them to pay securely through the store's PayTR services. Customers can pay with multiple cards such as American Express, Visa Electron, Visa Debit, MasterCard, MasterCard Debit, etc. The module allows customers to pay with single payment or installment options. After the customer makes the payment, the amount paid is transferred to the seller's PayTR account.

Account & Pricing
- In order to use this add-on, you need to have a PayTR membership.
- The sellers can create a free PayTR account before or after the setting up of VM Payment - PayTR Virtual Pos iFrame API add-on.
- The sellers who want to create a PayTR account can apply here.
- PayTR receives commission only from the payments. PayTR doesn’t receive any fees or extra costs.

- Admin can enable or disable PayTR Payment Method from admin panel.
- The administrator can make category-based installment settings from the admin panel.
- Card information is not kept on the server. It is transmitted to PayTR servers within the scope of PCI-DSS compliance.

Add-on Settings
- The sellers can go to VM Payment - PayTR Virtual Pos iFrame API add-on by clicking the payment method link after they have logged in to Joomla Admin Panel. VM Payment - PayTR Virtual Pos iFrame API add-on settings are done on this page.
- Copy MERCHANT ID, MERCHANT KEY and MERCHANT SALT values from PayTR Merchant Panel page, then paste them on a related place in VM Payment - PayTR Virtual Pos iFrame API add-on.

How To Use VM Payment - PayTR Virtual Pos iFrame API Add-on To Receive Payment
- The customers move on to the payments step after they have added the products which they have chosen from the seller’s store to the shopping cart.
- The customers move on by choosing VM Payment - PayTR Virtual Pos iFrame API payment method.
- PayTR service brings a PCI-DSS Level 1 Service Provider adapted and SSL licenced checkout page to the customer’s screen.
- The customers complete their payments on this page by typing their card details.
- The customers are directed to the page that will be only directed in case of the payment is succeeded after the completion of payment.
- PayTR service sends a notification regarding that the operation has succeeded to VM Payment - PayTR Virtual Pos iFrame API add-on and updates the order status.

Security & PCI Compatibility

PCI DSS (Data Security Standards) in a structure which has been designed in order to protect the details of the card and its owner. The reduction of the risk, the security vulnerability and the protection of card owner’s information is provided with the help of this security structure. All the information collected by PayTR is transferred to the PayTR servers in a secure level and stored. Payments datas and the security of personal information are protected by encryption algorithms with the help of the PCI DSS Level 1 standards adapted infrastructure.

On the checkout page, the customer’s card and payment information are transferred by encryption algorithms to the PayTR servers by opening the iFrame window. Because of the security measures, all these processes are transferred by creating TOKEN. Any customer data is stored in Joomla servers.

The customer moves to another page in a 3D security coverage after feeling the card information. The customer completes the payment transaction after entering the code which has been sent to the registered mobile phone number. On this section any card or customer information is stored on neither PayTR nor Joomla servers. You can visit the PayTR Security Page for detailed information.

VM Payment - PayTR Virtual Pos iFrame API

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