Force Password Reset


Password management, Access & Security, Site Security, Site Access

With this plugin you can set a time validity for the passwords of your registered users. For example, if you set 30 days, every registered user can navigate in the website for 30 days from his last password reset (or from his register date). After 30 days the plugin redirect the user to the password reset page. User cannot navigate to other pages until he change his password.

Main features:

  • Easy installation and configuration.
  • Unlimited days can be set for password validity.
  • Redirect to Joomla core, Community Builder or Easy Social profile edit page.
  • It can also be enabled for users who operate in the back-end.
  • Exclusions: you can exclude one or more user groups (such as Admins or Super Users) and one or more specific users from the expiration of their passwords.
  • Limit password changes: you can limit the number of password changes in a fixed period of time (Example: user can change his password only 3 times in the last 2 hours).
  • Old passwords check: you can disallow users to use a certain number of old passwords to increase security.

Changes in version 4.0:
- New feature: Added new database table used to store the password hashes of the users.
- New feature: Limit password changes.
- New feature: Old passwords check.
- New feature: Plugin table maintenance setting.
- Refactoring of some code.
- Minor bug fixes.
- Minor improvements.

Changes in version 3.3:
- New feature: It can also be enabled for users who operate in the back-end.
- New feature: Specific users exclusion.
- Minor bug fixes.
- Minor improvements.

Changes in version 3.0:
- The plugin is now Joomla 4 compatible!
- Minor improvements.

Changes in version 2.3:
- Added compatibility with Akeeba Login Guard.
- Minor bug fixes.

Changes in version 2.1:
- Extension moved to a new update system.
- Fixed some language inaccuracies.

Changes in version 2.0:
- New feature: Easy Social integration.
- Refactoring of some code.
- Minor improvements.

Changes in version 1.3:
- New feature: Users can be forced to reset the password also at their first login.

Changes in version 1.2:
- Bug fixed: Last Reset Time is now correctly updated at every password change.
- Added some checks in the password changing workflow.
- Added italian language.

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Force Password Reset

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Jun 26 2022
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Dec 22 2019
GPLv2 or later
Free download
J3 J4

Uses Joomla! Update System