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Hyphenation for browsers that do NOT support CSS property "hyphens" or languages you selected in this plugin. Uses the Javaacript library Hyphenopoly.js.

One can configure several CSS selectors for starting hyphenation or stopping it. Thus you don't need to enter the normally used selectors hyphenate and donthyphenate inside template overrides or elsewhere in your HTML source code.

Based upon JavaScript library of Mathias Nater.Hyphenopoly.js**. See:

The JS library checks first if the browser needs a helping hand for hyphenation. Only if yes the needed language patterns and an additional JS file will be loaded.

The whole documentation is integrated in the plugin settings (DE and EN). Install plugin and read.

Use the support link to ask questions. Report bugs in english or german. Or via email: See

Silbentrennung für Browser, die die CSS-Eigenschaft "hyphens" nicht unterstützen oder die Silbentrennung für bestimmte Sprachen, die im Plugin eingestellt werden. Benutzt die Javascript-Bibliothek Hyphenopoly.js.

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It solves the problem of hyphenation excellently in browsers like Chrome.
Ease of use
At first not easy but there is no other comparable tool. A little trial and error is necessary.
I used this to: Für Silbentrennung in deutsch in rückständigen Browsern, wie Chrome. It would be nice if it could do that one day without additional tools.
Owner's reply: Thanks for the positive review! Yes it's a bit tricky to configure because the used, newer JS library is a bit more tricky to configure and any Joomla! site differs from the other ;-) That's the reason why I've added some log and debug tools (only for recommended mode "Hyphenopoly"). Users find links for questions in tabulator "Plugin Description/Plugin-Beschreibung", too.
Administration in new tab by

Administration in new tab by

Admin Navigation
This module adds an Administration link or an Administration button in the Joomla backend. This allows you to open another backend tab in the browser from anywhere, even from edit views. This is because you can't do that in core Joomla (anymore). Since v2022.06.24: 3 new settings iconClass, labelling, titleAttr. SInce v2023.09.23: Should be Joomla 5 compatible but only tested with early beta ve...


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Jan 07 2024
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Aug 20 2016
GPLv2 or later
Free download
J3 J4 J5

Uses Joomla! Update System


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