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Ignite Gallery is a full featured gallery with flexible options so you can create the gallery layout you want. Choose the demo link to see the galleries features in action.


✔Mobile friendly with swipe and responsive layouts
✔Metro grid, Masonry grid, Justified grid layouts
✔Embed video from youtube or vimeo or from a local video file
✔Frontend gallery creation
✔Multiple image uploader with resize before upload
✔Image tagging, tag filters and tags cloud.
✔Search for images and galleries, Joomla smart search support.
✔Watermarking of images
✔Password protection of galleries
✔Top/ bottom/ left or right position for thumbs
✔Top/ bottom/ left/ right /overlay position for image descriptions
✔Lazyloading of images
✔Social sharing buttons
✔Download image button
✔Image zoom button
✔Image commenting
✔Image voting
✔Ken Burns Effect
✔Webp image support
✔Optional plugin and module to place galleries into articles and module positions
✔Random/ Latest/ Most Viewed/ Highest rated galleries
✔Disable right click and save
✔Search engine friendly urls

Outstanding Extension

Posted on 27 September 2020
An excellent extension which I have been using for many years on several sites.
Ease of use
It’s a powerful gallery which can be customized to present your image’s and video’s in various ways.
Value for money
It’s easy to install and now uses the Joomla! Update System. The support is prompt and very good.
I used this to: I have used this on sites for artist, sculptures and performing arts to display their work and performances.

100% Recommended

Posted on 27 May 2020
Works straight out of the box! Has everything you could think of !
Ease of use
Perfect ... So easy to use ... can't say any more! Apparently I didn't say enough ... so I'll just say it again ... Perfect!
Amazing ... I had a question about one aspect and Matt got back to me incredibly fast with a polite and friendly solution - top bloke!
The video tutorials Matt has put together makes it impossible to make a mistake - can't fault him here at all !
Value for money
I don't like spending money ... this is the best investment I made for my revamped website in many years!
I used this to: My photography website, I needed a way to show off my images and allow visitors to share them on social media ... Ignite Gallery has so many features that I had to give it a go - not at all disappointed ... I would recommend it to wholeheartedly :D
This combines all of the features I liked in other galleries, but without the bloat (i.e. potential conflicts with other extensions).
Ease of use
After trying many gallery extensions, this was a bit different (it's the nature of extensions), but I was up and running in minutes.
Above and beyond! I emailed support on a Tuesday afternoon and had a very detailed and thoughtful response by Wednesday morning.
Due to its simplicity, It doesn't need much documentation, but what I did use was very helpful.
Value for money
I'm 100% pleased with my small, but hugely helpful purchase. The fast support alone was worth the price.
I used this to: I use this for my graphic/web design portfolio on my website, but plan on using it any time I need a gallery for any of my clients.

A wonderfull component

Posted on 16 March 2020
Ignite Gallery is a flexible component with 6 different gallery layouts. It has many options and allows you to create galleries quickly.
Ease of use
Ignite Gallery is easy to set and Matt's support will solve any problem of yours.
Support works very well and is fast. Mr Matt has a lot of patience and does everything to satisfy the customer's needs.
Some videos and guides are available. They are a good support. You'll not need a lot of documentation because the component is easy to set.
Value for money
Ignite Gallery has an excellent quality - price ratio. The price is $ 25; it is very honest for everything Ignite Gallery will give you.
I used this to: I build several different galleries types. It would be nice if Matt developed other galleries layouts. But already so Ignite Gallery is fabulous!
Ignite Gallery has the most complete feature set for my needs out of every other gallery I've researched.
Ease of use
Everything is very straightforward and easy to figure out. Simple videos get you going quickly.
Bar none, Ignite Gallery has the best support out of any extension I have purchased, including those for five times the price.
I haven't spent too much time with the documentation because it's all pretty easy to figure out, but I have watched some simple setup videos
Value for money
No doubt this is a great deal. Matt has even done some custom modifications for me at no extra charge.
I used this to: I'm a photographer with a very large image library. I have well over ten thousand images published online throughout various media outlets. I was looking for a single place where I could publish them all together in a structured, organized gallery.
Beautiful presentations, great for SEO. I've used many different gallery plugins over many years and this product outweighs them all.
Ease of use
Easy to use, lots of control, and variety of presentation choices. The many presentation choices make it a bit more complicated, but easy.
The best support! Early in my learning curve (many years ago) they were right there with answers when I needed them and same to this day.
Wonderful documentation. Just follow the formula in the videos make the many presentation choices easy.
Value for money
Very reasonable cost and worth every penny. I continue to upgrade by account for all those reasons.
I used this to: I use Ignite galleries for portfolios, photo sales, product displays-every where I can. Other web designers have complimented the displays.
10/10, This software is very functional. Great being able to upload from the frontend, with moderation.
Ease of use
10/10. Really couldn't be any easier to use. The videos are great.
Matt was brilliant, got back to me straight away, and was an excellent help
The how too videos are easy to follow. Though maybe slow them down by a second.
Value for money
Extremely good value for money, it was exactly what I was after.
I used this to: I use this extension for a work website, that required users to be able to contribute their own images.
After the initial WOW of your first gallery, later you may look for greater functionality. Ignite supplies this in abundance.
Ease of use
IG has a gallery profile concept - this provides excellent flexibility. So configuration sequence is Profile,Category,Images. Top class.
Top class. You won't likely be rebuffed with "sorry your question is 'out of scope' as I have experienced with another leading gallery.
Perfectly adequate and a video for every major task: I did not have to ask a single question for implementation.
Value for money
Excellent value for money. The cost is so low, the author is almost gifting IG to us. :-)
I used this to: Galleries and Front-end uploading for photo competitions on a social website. I specifically bought IG for the Frontend feature, that I did not find in any comparable product.
Looks stunning and modern. Functions greatly. Categories, profiles and tags. The amount of features is insane. No other extension come close
Ease of use
It has the perfect combination of being easy to use for basic users, while at the same time being extremely powerful for advanced user.
Support by Matt is great. He always replies to emails, solves bugs and issues, and also gives custom tweaks/solutions.
It has everything you need. Nice video tutorials and extensive FAQs and documentation.
Value for money
Fantastic value. It blows all other free extensions out of the water. Especially now that the price lowered from $40 to just $25!
I used this to: I've been using Ignite Gallery for over 7 years now in all my sites. It's an essential tool to display images and galleries in any custom way you want. I don't know what I would do without it.

Perfect Extression

Posted on 05 June 2019
Has a lot of options ,it cover much more than my client needs and works perfectly fine
Ease of use
Extremely easy , i spend only couple minutes to figure out how it works
They have amazing support , respond time in 30 mins and developer so kind & friendly
good enough .Several videos available ,also there are more information in FAQ page
Value for money
it worth every penny of that , they did amazing job,One of the best gallery extension I ever used.
I used this to: I'm using for my client sites ,they so happy about that i'm using as Photo Gallery also as video Gallery

Ignite Gallery

Matt Thomson
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Feb 22 2021
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Jul 17 2008
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Uses Joomla! Update System


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