Our plugin ImageSizer is able to scale images on a website in an uncomplicated way. By clicking on a scaled image it will be shown enlarged in a lightbox. With the ImageSizer you can create a small picture gallery without much effort.

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The plugin offers a large amount of different lightboxes. All of them have another appearance, so you can choose the lightbox which fits best to the design of your website. Since Joomla! 3 we implemented also different responsive lightbox styles.

Mit unserem Plugin ImageSizer können Bilder auf einer Webseite ganz einfach und unkompliziert skaliert werden. Per Klick auf ein skaliertes Bild wird dieses vergrößert in einer Lightbox dargestellt. So ist es mit unserem Plugin beispielsweise möglich, ohne viel Aufwand, eine kleine Bildergalerie zu erstellen. Ist unser Imagesizer erst einmal in einem Joomla System installiert wird er in jedem Beitrag aktiv, der kleiner skalierte Bilder aufweist.

In unserem Plugin stehen viele verschiedene Lightboxen mit unterschiedlichem Aussehen zur Verfügung. Seit Joomla 3 haben wir unserem ImageSizer mehrere responsive Lightboxen hinzugefügt, damit sich die Bilder jeder Bildschirmauflösung und Größe optimal anpassen.



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🛈 Free Cookie Notification that helps to fulfill the GDPR (DSGVO) 🛈 This plugin and its functions are designed for maximum website performance 🛈 Joomla! 4.0 BETA bug and issue reporting to ❤ THANK YOU! For over 100k downloads since the GDPR launch and the awesome feedback! With CookieHint you can add a cookie notification to your Joomla! website with a few steps. You just need to install and activate our plugin in your admin area. Our plugin offers multiple settings: 1. Note link You can link to your imprint, disclaimer or privacy policy. Just add your specific URL. 2. CSS You can specify the design of the cookie notice via CSS files. You can choose between your custom CSS files and our default CSS files. You can select your CSS file after uploading to 'plugins/system/cookiehint/css'. 3. HTML / PHP code If you want to change the entire layout of the cookie notice, you can use your own script. Select your php file you want to use. It will be visible and selectable in the drop-down menu once it has been uploaded to the directory 'plugins/system/cookiehint/include'. 4. Multilingualism translated default languages: German, English, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Dutch, Czech You can also use language keys in your admin area to change every translation and text. Go to: Extensions > Languages > Overrides You can find the language keys under Extensions > Plugins > CookieHint 5. Cookie Blocker If you want, our plugin won't allow the storage of cookies. 6. Decline Button You can set up a decline button and visitors are redirected to a COOKIE / GDPR info site, including an explanation why the redirect has happend. You can also set a URL to a different explanation site. 7. Storage life of the confirmation cookie Set how long the confirmation of the cookie notification is valid. After that period of time it gets invalid and the visitor has to accept the cookie notification again. 8. Many, many, and more We're constantly improving our plugin and expanding its functionality. You got an idea or miss a function? Tell us and give feedback through


reDim GmbH
Last updated:
Sep 20 2018
Date added:
Sep 29 2015
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System

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