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IPrice calculator is the mini e-shop for your Joomla site with flexible interactive price-list layout and simple catalogue layout.

Main features:
- Two-tier item hierarchy: section and category.
- 2 ways to display products: catalogue and interactive & adaptive price list with calculation totals "on the fly".
- Allows to insert price-list, catalog or "BUY" button into an article content or into a content of other components using the IPrice content plugin.
- Main image for an item. Automatic creation 2 thumbnails of an image: small thumbnail for an image in price-list and a medium thumbnail for an image in catalog.
- Product description and short description with HTML formatting (pictures, formatted text, etc.).
- Shopping cart allowing multiple selections across several price-lists or catalogs, forming a single final order.
- "Quick order" mode alllows the user to select products and send an order without using a shopping cart.
- Flexible discount: Each item can has a single or volumed discount. Nonlimited volumes for a discount. Discount can depend on the item quantity or the item amount. Discount can be specified in percentage or fixed amount. The discount may be displayed as a percentage or as a sum. You can set a total discount on the order, the volume of which may depend on the total amount on the order, the total number of products on the order or the value of any contact field of the order. You can set up to 5 stages of a total discount for the order.
- Ability to attach a file to each selected item in shopping cart.
- Ability to create independent price-lists for various product groups with individual settings (specified manager, currency, etc.).
- Support for captcha plugins for spam protection.
- Data import from an CSV (Excel) file. Ability to update products from an CSV file.
- Multicurrency support with automatic conversion depending on the database-stored exchange rates.
- Automatic updating of currency exchange rates. Ability to update on schedule.
- Support for SEO URLs.
- Order management - review, removal, resubmission.
- Pagination for long product lists.
- Product filtering by a search string, sections and categories.
- Flexible modes of presentation of products with many parameters.
- Allows to redirect to the specified URL after sending order. Such as redirect to PayPal to pay an order.
- Allows to force user authorization before making an order and/or before viewing items.
- Allows hide prices for all users or for non-registered users only.
- User can view and print order after sending order.
- Up to 5 custom searchable fields for an item.
- Allows to sort items by any item field.
- Allows the user to attach files to the order using the order contact fields.
- User private area with order list
- Allows to attach electronic product (file) to the item
- Order payment state
- Allows to pay order using PayPal and ZarinPAL with automatic changing payment state of the order.

Languages: English, Russian

Version history:

- Added the ability to prohibit the user from changing the number of certain products in the price list or catalog. This will add products that must be selected by the user.

- The possibilities for calculating items in the price list have been expanded: now some items can be marked with the "Key quantity" attribute. Thus, for other items marked with another attribute "Use key quantity", the quantity entered by the user is multiplied by the quantity of the key item.

- Now you can set the minimum and maximum values for the quantity of items selected by the user.

- The amounts precision increased. Now You can use up to 4 decimals for amounts.

- Improved SEO links to sections and categories for better indexing of component pages in search engines. Now, instead of the category ID, the link uses the category alias.
- Some minor improvements.

- Improved compatibility with PHP 7.3 and above. Some minor improvements.

- Now, for each product, you can specify a list of values for choosing the item quantity by the user.

- Now items already added to cart can be highlighted in the color specified in the component settings.

- Fixed updating from the old versions (1.5.17 and older)

- Improved item list view with catalogue mode.

- Improved filters of lists in the component admin panel. Added filter by date range and filter by payment status in the list of orders.

- Now you can specify the price margin for each option of the item.
- Improved display of the price list and order form on small screens of mobile devices in portrait orientation.

- Now you can specify the price margin for each option of the item.
- Improved display of the price list and order form on small screens of mobile devices in portrait orientation.

- Now amounts that are recalculated "on the fly" can be highlighted in the price list and on the checkout page. You can enable/disable this feature using the "Highlight amounts" option and set the highlight color using the "Highlight color" option.
- Improved compatibility with PHP 7.2 and higher.

- Now You can configure the global discount depends on any order field value including date format field. The following parameters have been added on the discount editing page for this purpose:
- "Discount depends on" - new value "order custom field".
- "Order custom field" - You can select the order field on which the global discount will depend.

  • The following parameters are added on the order field edit page:

    • "Show before item list" - allows you to show order field before item list on the shopping cart page or price-list page, when using "no shopping cart" mode.
    • "Do not show items until set" - if "yes", then the user should select the value for this order field before display items in price-list, when using "no shopping cart" mode.
  • Added the parameter "Show 'Make order' button". If no, then the 'Make order' button will be hidden, and the contact form will be expanded by default on shopping cart page or price-list page, when using "no shopping cart" mode.

  • Some minor improvements.

- Added the ability to specify a global discount on the order, which can have up to 5 volumes depending on the number of products of the order or on the total amount of the order.
- Improved compatibility with PHP 7.x.

- Added the ability to show "quick" tabs for sections/categories using the new parameter of the price list "Tabs as a link". If this parameter is set to 'Yes', then the tab will link to the page of a section or category, same as in the previous version. If 'No', then when clicking on a tab, the items of the section or category will be displayed on the same page. Convenient to use quick tabs, if you have a few positions (up to 300), and they can be displayed on one page. Also, quick tabs will be convenient in quick order mode without using a shopping cart.
- Added the ability to display a description of a section or category in the section / category header of the price list.

- Added the ability to automatically update the exchange rates in the admin panel of the component. Also added the ability to configure automatic updating of currency rates on a schedule using the CRON task.

- The possibility of an adaptive price list adapting to the width of the client's screen is added. In the component settings, you can mark the price list columns that can be hidden when the client screen size is reduced.

- Added the ability to pay for the order using PayPal and ZarinPAL payment systems with automatic changing payment state of the order.

- Added the ability to automatically deliver electronic goods (file) when the order status is changed to "Paid." Now you can attach to each product a file that will be available to the customer for downloading when the order status is changed to "Paid." The customer can download the paid file from his personal private area

- Added the ability to set the payment status of the order.
- Added a page for viewing the user's orders. Add a menu item with the type "IPrice calculator-User Orders" to enable users to view their orders.

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IPrice calculator

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Aug 24 2020
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Nov 19 2014
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