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JB Type is a Joomla style and typography plugin for your content. By using some simple Joomla syntax you can create some awesome typography for your site without knowing any html at all. The plugin simply renders predefined style sin your content and now it comes with a JCE plugin that allows you to render the JB Type styles in the editor window as well.

The plugin does what is said it would. And with JCE plugin no hand written code needed - excellent!
Ease of use
Plugin installs very easily. JCE plugin needs to be installed within JCE configuration.
Support was very fast and very helpful.
Everything is mentioned in the documentation page on provider's site.
Add attention to specific texts in your copy. Reaaaly cool.
Ease of use
Ultra easy, with the JCE plugin
BEST SUPPORT EVER !!! No less than 3 people tried to help me in a relatively short amount of time, though my problem was due to other plugin
great stuff...i only regret this JCE JB Type Plugin v2.0 - compatible with JCE v2.x doesn't work, when i install it in JCE, and go edit an article, browser only gives me blank/white page :(


Posted on 01 June 2012
This extension is a very effective free way to add some extra styling to your website. I love it! The JCE editor extension makes it better. I would even be willing to pay for this extension, but they're giving it away for free!

Very usefull

Posted on 06 April 2012
Very nice plugin, results in excellent styling very easily.

Too bad the JCE plugin that should work together with this plugin could not be installed due to a message that no plugin-file was specified.
Owner's reply: Hi there,

The JCE plugin actually needs to be installed via the JCE plugin installer. It isn't unfortunately able to be installed by the normal J installer.


Posted on 01 February 2012
Good job! Works as stated and like a charm. I used it with JCE editor to enhance my Typography of the template because the default did not work. Congratulations to the authors.

Very nice tool

Posted on 18 January 2012
Provides all nice tools to make articles look good - captions, boxes, colors, icons. Perfect solution!

If you use the additional jce plugin its much more then this! Genial!
Hi, this plugin its Amazing if you want to add effects to your texts, BUT only can put 1 effects or Style for page, if you put more (ex: Category Item List) in one page , the intro text have the Style, but Be the same text for ALL items.

But really its nice.
Its is a very Good Extension and would have given 5 Stars but the issue is that the JCE plugin of JB Type styles is not working in Joomla 1.6

Hope the developer updates JCE plugin so that we can use JB Type from the editor window in JOOMLA 1.6


Great Work

Posted on 18 February 2011
Great Work, you must to install 2 Plugins, Just to work with JCE.
Paid download


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JB Type

Last updated:
Jun 11 2018
5 years ago
Date added:
Nov 18 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System


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