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jCart is a standalone Joomla ecommerce component which includes OpenCart features.It has same functionality as JooCart. jCart allows for displaying ecommerce content(including OpenCart features) within the Joomla! component-area but also ships with Joomla! modules and Joomla plugins.It is a fully standalone Joomla ecommerce extension.

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Special Features

Unlimited Installation
Unlimited Domain
Responsive theme
GNU/GPL license
Multi Stored
Joomla Admin Panel
Frontend Admin Panel
Combined with Joomla template's CSS
Integrated with Joomla Search(Search Plugin)
User Login Plugin
Frequent Upgrades and Good Support.
Joomla Title,Meta Keywords,Description(SEO)
Integrated with Joomla Multi Language
No encoding loader needed(ioncube,zend optimizer etc not needed)
Works with existing and new extensions(shipping,payments,modules,order total,product feeds) of opencart.    
No iframe used.
New extensions from OpenCart can be used as Joomla Modules(Left or Right Positions)

General Features

Easy installer using joomla Extensions menu(No need ftp to upload files for fresh installation)
Works with Jquery,Mootools,Prototype(No conflict mode)
Works with most of the joomla templates.    
Unlimited Categories
Unlimited Products
Unlimited Manufacturers
Automatic Image Resize
Multi Language
Product Reviews
20+ Payment Gateways
8+ Shipping Methods
Product Ratings
Reward Point System
RMA System
Grid List Product Listing
Gift Voucher System
Credit System
Reorder System
Wishlist System
Affiliate System
Options Text Fields
Banner Manager
One Page Checkout

Minimum requirements

Joomla! 3.x (compatible with Joomla! 1.6.x ,1.7.x ,2.5.x, 3.x  also)
PHP version 5.3 or newer
MySQL 5 or newer
PHP-module CURL active
PHP-module SimpleXML active
PHP-module JSON active

Just slips right in

Posted on 18 December 2018
no problems on a fresh & clean install
Ease of use
Really easy if you know Opencart and Joomla
Not on the weekends, but right on top of it on the weekdays.
Plenty of documentation to get you going, but if you need help, they are on hand
Value for money
Probably the best integration between Joomla and Open Cart, so money well spent.
I used this to: web shop
A product of exceptional quality that has everything you want.
Ease of use
Very ease to learn, and if you know OpenCart it is super easy.
Support fast and efficient. Boys help you without arguing if you make a mistake, very rare nowadays.
Very good an comprehensive documentation.
Value for money
An excellent price for everything jCart has to offer
I used this to: Building a complex jewelry store
Full OPENCART functionality, which makes it very powerful and extend able with a large opencart community. Uses the latest version OC
Ease of use
Super easy and easy for my clients
Support is very quick, replies are always within a few hours and they listen to you instead of assuming your wrong. This is most important.
Full opencart documentation is available, it is much more native than the mijoshop version
Value for money
Amazing value for money, even though opencart is free having it inside joomla takes it to the next level.
I used this to: Building clients stores, creating catalogs, I have been using the mijoshop version for many years but they no longer support there software.
All Joomla + all Opencart + all the Joomla and Opencart extensions provide more fonctionalities that we need.
Ease of use
My prefered e-commerce extension, with an enjoyable interface, and compatible with all Opencart extensions, unlike Mijoshop.
Still unlike Mijoshop, that I was using before (and unfortunately still on older sites), the support is very fast and effective.
A F.A.Q on the Joocart site + all the Opencart documentation and forums. Enough to work efficiently.
Value for money
Good value, considering the quality of the product and especially of the support.
I used this to: All my recent and future e-commerce sites.
The best integration of opencart i have used. All the opencart extensions i tried worked perfectly
Ease of use
Very easy to use and customize
Great support. The guys respond to the request and they always solve problems
There are so many documents for opencart that i don't think i need anything else
Value for money
100% value for money
Great functionality, finally i can trust and get away from past providers of Opencart in Joomla
Ease of use
Very easy to use
Really great support, they are willing to solve any problems that might arise with other Opencart extensions
Documentation needs to improve but the support is awesome to solve anything you might not understand
Value for money
Well worth the money. You get a product that is parallel with the Opencart development and not heading elsewhere..
I have moved over from Mijoshop and find JCart a breath of fresh air.
Ease of use
It works out of the box and couldn’t be happier.
Support is incredible and the extension is actively developed.
Value for money
Well worth the money.
JooCart works very well and is easy to install and understand.
Ease of use
Very easy, especially if you study the documentation well (which I did not so asked for help a few times and got excellent answers!)
Best one could wish for! They quickly helped me with normal questions and when there was a small problem it was fixed in 24 hours.
There are many 'how to' doc which are clear and easy to follow.
Value for money
I used this to: An ecommerce website (never made ecommerce site before)
This has full functionality of Opencart and works out of the box.
Ease of use
Once you know Opencart, you will know how to use JCart, it is exactly the same
The support is exceptional. Very helpful, very fast. I came from Mijoshop where the support was terrible. These guys are a dream :)
The documentation could do with being improved slightly, but the support is so good that it more than makes up for this
Value for money
Excellent value for money, I am extremely happy with the costs involved with JCart
I used this to: Building feature rich e-commerce websites for both small and large businesses
100% Opencart functionality, with the ability to use All Opencart extensions in the Joomla way :-)
Ease of use
If you have an idea how Opencart works, then you know how to use it. If you have never used Opencart then there is sufficient documentation.
The best support experience I have ever had. The guys are awesome. Even in a Sunday, they fixed it in 30 minutes.
Very good knowledge base, with almost every answer available. Anything else could be found in Opencart's documentation.
Value for money
Could be a little cheaper, but with the level of support that they offer, they could even charge more. So i believe their pricing is fair.
I used this to: A complex ecommerce website, where I need both Joomla's and Opencart's functions. The guys are so awesome that they even added extra functions that I needed, for free! They deserve to be supported by the Joomla community.
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jCart for OpenCart

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Jul 11 2019
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Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
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Uses Joomla! Update System


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