Jitsi conferencing


Video conference

Use the power of the Jitsi to host a meeting, or connect with your clients.

Using this module, allows your to create a meeting, using Jitsi, it is very simple and effective! Talk to your clients, connect with your fellow employees using this module.

JM Charts
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JM Charts

By Jmodules.com
Site management tools
The JModules charts module is based on charts.js, and allows for very fast deployment of charts for your next Joomla! project. We have line charts, bar charts (vertical and horizontal) pie charts, and doughnut charts. With single data option and grouped data options. This module is the heart of your enterprise cockpit! You have, as said, options for single data and grouped data....
Admin Ai Buddy
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Admin Ai Buddy

By Jmodules.com
Content Construction
The way the module is made, the Ai buddy provides a seamless integration in the Joomla Backend. Throughout the admin panel you can call on the Ai Buddy to assist you in whatever you are doing. Need blog ideas? No Problem. Need Meta description generated and pasted in the right field? No problem. Need images? Dall-E to the rescue! You can generate them on the fly! On top of that, you can setup you...

Jitsi conferencing

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Oct 10 2020
3 years ago
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Sep 18 2020
GPLv2 or later
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J3 J4

Uses Joomla! Update System