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Joom Downloads is a simple and effective download manager for product and release download system.
Joom Downloads is 100% open source software distributed under GNU/GPL licensing.

Joom Downloads fulfills all the basic desire for setting up product and document releases system in easiest way possible.

**Joom Downloads Features **

  1. Simple, Easy and Quick to setup : With this download manager you can launch your product download system within few minutes. It is so simple and easy that you don’t need to spend time in understanding the complex configurations because it does not have any.

  2. Multiple Version for files : With Joom Downloads you can configure multiple release (versioned file/extension) under single product and provide the option to download all the existing version. There will be as such no restriction to have only one release item visible under a product.

  3. Dashboard to generate Download Statistics: Track the product popularity and download analytics to shape your business with simplest download manager.

  4. Mobile Friendly & Responsive: Everything is going mobile friendly. Our download manager is also in sync with the trends. It works smoothly on mobile devices and totally responsive.

  5. Lightweight : We are focusing on solving the basic needs of a download management system and performance is among those requirements.

  6. SEO Friendly & social share ready : Metadata, keywords makes the searching and indexing of the product proper and easier. It will lessens your effort to manage and work on page indexing.

  7. Custom Fields (paid version only) : Joom Downloads provides option for custom fields creation and use those in the system to display the information the way you want.

  8. Access control (paid version only) : In this download manager component you can set the access restriction on different product release and allowing the access to limited set of audience.

It contains all the features that are required in any download manager to have.

Joom Downloads is integrated with article system and subscription system to provide wide range of functionality for your download system. (paid version only)

It does what it say. All the basic functionality I was looking for in a download system are there in this tool.
Ease of use
This tool has taken away all the hassles of configuring long-listing parameter sets and going through setup instructions/manuals.
support is awesome !
It has well explanatory UI/UX . But I have visited documentation on their website, and it seems sufficient to me.
I used this to: I have tried many download systems ealier and recently I started using Joom-Downloads for a new project.
And by far I am so pleased with this tool. This tool has taken away all the hassles of configuring long-listing parameter sets and going through setup instructions/manuals.
I love the drag-and-drop interface for objects on the downloads page.
Ease of use
Couldn't be easier!
I haven't needed it yet, but I know from previous experience that these guys are very responsive.
I used this to: On client sites for download capacity. No complaints.

Joom Downloads

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Jun 09 2017
7 years ago
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May 28 2017
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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Uses Joomla! Update System


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