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JoomFuse with JF Portal integrates many native features of Keap and Joomla! to manage and control access to content in a self-hosted membership based Joomla! site. Support for Community Builder and JomSocial are included.

The JF Portal interface includes the ability for the member to manage account information including subscriptions, invoices, and credit cards. Member permissions are fully configurable by the site owner.

Promote loyalty, retention, revenue…and independence with the fully functional JoomFuse with JF Portal app.


The extensive flexibility and functionality of JoomFuse creates the foundation. JF Portal integrates with JoomFuse to provide the expanded capabilities of the member account management interface.

Control Content…

~ making your groups and sub-groups as simple or as complex as you can dream it
~ who has access
~ when they have access
~ what content each member group or sub-group can access

Control Members…

~ know when a user accesses a particular page or pages
~ how users are added
~ how usernames and passwords are created
~ keeping usernames and passwords in sync, if needed
~ actions on login and logout
~ actions for payment successes and failures

✔ [NEW WITH JF PORTAL] Control Member Account Access…

~ allow or hide subscription viewing
~ allow or hide add/cancel subscriptions
~ allow or hide invoice viewing
~ allow or hide ability to pay past invoices
~ allow or hide credit card viewing
~ allow or hide ability to add/change/delete credit card information
~ allow or disallow the addition or deactivation of credit cards
~ determine what happens when a subscription is canceled or an invoice is paid


About Keap Configuration & Functionality

~ Bidirectional communication provides error-free member management
~ Totally tag driven inside Infusionsoft
~ Uses the Infusionsoft API with minimum calls for faster response
~ Triggered by a single HTTP post
~ Ability to map data type fields between Joomla and Keap
~ API goals — Communicate with Infusionsoft campaigns more easily

About Joomla Configuration & Functionality

~ Short codes — Add member-specific content to articles and modules
~ Fully utilizes Joomla’s flexible built-in User Group and ACL (Access Control List) capabilities
~ JoomFuse interfaces with native Joomla, Joomla User Profile plugin and maps Community Builder fields as well as JomSocial fields and discussion groups

About Integrations

~ Integration with Community Builder 2.x and JomSocial 4.x
~ JoomFuse interface built into DilogR. For details, go to


Active JoomFuse membership includes ‘JoomFuse with JF Portal’ updates, discounted JumpStart packages, your account management, Forum interaction, Video Support Library access, and full Forum and email support.


To utilize JoomFuse with JF Portal you need a Joomla! website, v3.x or higher (v3.4.5 or higher recommended), and a licensed Infusionsoft application, provided by Infusionsoft at

JoomFuse with JF Portal is developed using the expertise of an Infusionsoft Certified Developer and one of the contributing developers of the Joomla! platform, and is licensed under the GNU/GPL license.

Easy to set up, flexible to use. Annual and monthly plans available.

Fantastic, seamless and flexible, you will be able to create any sort of membership subscription desired
Ease of use
Considering the complexity of the intergartion easy to use, all the configuration options in the component have an extensive explanation.
If you get stuck the support from Dom and his team is incredible, speaking with us over Skype and giving a good explanation of everything.
Good video documentation on the website for both configuring the component in Joomla and setting up a campaign in Infustionsoft.
Value for money
Good value for money, to get a integratioin to this level of detail built by a developer would be £5k plus at least.
I used this to: We wanted to add an extra revenue stream, via membership subscriptions, to our successful online shop built in Joomla. Allowed us to create a fully automated subscription service which once set up and tested required limited, if no, admin hours from our staff. Done in a 2 weeks.
Great functionality! Eliminates manual work integrating Joomla and Infusionsoft and allows subscribers to manage their own subscriptions.
Ease of use
I am not a developer (not even close) and I find it easy to use and understand.
Support is prompt, courteous and soooo comprehensive! Really awesome support, and the team is always encouraging feedback.
Value for money
Totally worth it. Saves hours and hours per week of admin time.
I used this to: A membership website (career development and marketing information) that serves actors in the United States.
Paid download


By Dom Cassone, Zacaw Enterprises, Inc.
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The powerful seamless integration product for Joomla! and Keap. ✔ WHAT IS JOOMFUSE? JoomFuse provides seamless integration between Joomla! and Keap. JoomFuse enables Keap to control Joomla! users, levels, and access to content on your Joomla website. Supporting multiple membership groups and sub-groups, JoomFuse can be used for both paid and free subscription Joomla websites. NOTE: If you wa...

JoomFuse with JF Portal

Dom Cassone, Zacaw Enterprises, Inc.
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Apr 30 2024
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Dec 07 2015
GPLv2 or later
Paid download
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Uses Joomla! Update System


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