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Update 1.4.1 Bug and sécurity update

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Jooloc-FREE is a light version of Joomloc, with this version you can :

* Manage 1 housing (hotel, gites, villa...)
* Create unlimited accomodations (rooms, apparts...)
* Receive booking requests by e-mail with the form

* Test and make an idea about the other versions of joomloc

Easy to Use

Posted on 30 April 2018

the Flow from back end to from end is good. Easy and user friendly.

Ease of use

Easy of use. Setup is made simple so anyone can use it.


How do we add email recipient in joomla admin, where contact form must go to? thanks.


Posted on 14 November 2012

After trying the most popular components and almost giving up, I found this wonderful component! Easy to install, easy to understand, had it running in minutes!

I will soon go for the payed version that seems even better ;)

Thanks the developer for this great free extension for Joomla. With this plugin I could make very easy a reservation system on my website. I have only to translate into Polish the language pack, so I can use it now on the polish website.

Worked like a charm from the first try.

I am still learning it, but is allready working on its task.

As soon as the project turns profit i'll go for commercial version.


I've tried a quite number of reservation and booking scripts and extensions and this one is exactly what single property owner needs.

Thank you for make it free!

Just small suggestion, it could be very handy if front-end access for changing the availability is available.

Great Basic Start!

Posted on 13 September 2010

I really like this component. It works as described and I plan to continue using it.

However, the translations in English are in need of serious work (I had to manually correct many translations).

Also, the availability calendar puts the wrong month name at the top of each calendar. Not sure how to fix this other than to intentionally mis-translate the months so as to cause them to line up properly.

Owner's reply: Hi, thank you for like joomloc component

Then :
- for language file, it is just update now and rewrite by an english partner
- The name of month bug now fixed, this problem was present only on some server... but now fiw it

The the joomloc-Free users can download it now for fix that
For the users who have download it before june 2010, that update too the front-end disponibility calendars (days, week, month)



Paid download | Booking & Reservations | laubro
0 reviews
MAKE YOUR SITE OR PORTAL AS A CHANNEL MANAGER & MANAGE RESERVATIONS WITH Joomloc mini-PMS With version 4, joomloc-PRO is also a Channel Manager (Distribution Channel Manager) and thus can now 1 single click to update the major part of distribution channels such as Booking.com, Expedia.com, Venere.com, AirBnB.com ... and many other (more than 80 channels available, can be consult on our demo site) , for all the locations in your site. Owners of small structure can manage their reservations with an online PMS* to do like higher property, like hotels... ###### UPDATE 4.2.1 security release ###### UPDATE 4.1.3 bug fix and optimize the responsive arround the slider of the property detail ###### UPDATE 4.1.2 Add mini-PMS* new feature application to help small structures manage their reservations schedules as he could do with an expensive professional software, but with a simple tool, try it on demo website... Some bugs fix PMS : Planning Management system ###### UPDATE 4.1.1 Add all the capabilities of a channel manager (with our partner) to be able manage your site or portal as a Channel Manager and then owners can update all their external web planning in 1 click ! Add price plan management for be able to create rate by person if needed Export customers data in Excel file Various options possible for promotions Owner can view the schedule of all accommodation of an housing at a glance add some other features Some bugs fix ###### UPDATE 3.5.1 New template for component New template for modules Some bugs fix ###### UPDATE 3.4.1 Adding management discount rates according to the number of nights Adding Yeald-Management function with possibility of discount rates according on booking date => arrival date ###### UPDATE 3.3.2 Help owners to sort images of properties and rooms Define the default list photo Minor bugs fix ###### UPDATE 3.2 Joomla SEF URL's rewriting support Cart mode for multiples booking Responsive Design # Joomloc is a complete component to allow the creation of a portal for renting/booking any type of accommodation (hotel, gite, camping, villa ...), you will define the types of locations you want, or for a single accommodation. You can built from a simple booking page to a property website or you can manage your own rentals portal. The system can offer rentals in a city, county, region, country, continent or all at once ... allowing you to change your offers from a city to the entire planet .... the number of geographical site is unlimited Each rental/owner can manage accomodation with availability calendar, simple request booking form or complete booking on-line engine. All from the front-end for subscriber owners if you open your portal to owner, or back-end as an admin A search engine can generate geographical links internal "hard" to all destinations and launch geographical search * The number of renters is unlimited * Each owner can create an unlimited number of properties * For each property, create an unlimited number of accommodation (eg for a camping site, bungalow, cottage, caravan ...) * Each accommodation has its own schedule of availability * You can purpose an unic schedule for all accomodations or 3 different schedules: Night, Week, Month * You define to display or not the housing complete contact information As an administrator, you have access to all profiles, properties, accommodation on the back-end * Create an unlimited number of options to refine the search (eg TV, internet, wifi, swimming pool ...) * Special CSS file to adjust the component/modules to your template * Joomla multi-languages compatible * Delivered in French and English * 7 differents modules are available (quick search, the last registered / most viewed, quick search by location: seaside, mountains, country, city, googleMap, random..) * Slider and Lightbox Gallery for properties and accomodations * and many other apramèters / options ..... Other modules will be developped in future, if you want a specific fonctionnality, just contac us * Free Support by e-mail, with response within 24H00 on 6 month
c m


Paid download | Vehicles | laubro
0 reviews
LBvehicles is a component that allows you to create a classifieds portal for any type of vehicle you want: cars, trucks, two wheel tractors, etc. ... Whether for your own ads (your conssession / garage website) or to create a complete portal with outside advertisers, LBvehicles will help you in your project Unlimited ADS Unlimited categories/sub-categories Comes with over 160 mark's of vehicles, but is unlimited number Number of models in each mark unlimited Management of fuel types, unlimited Unlimited families of options and unlimited options Managing your own ads. And/Or management from outside advertisers to create a portal Unlimited advertisers Complete access to all ads from the back office internal subscription sales manager (offline payment, papal) Profile management vendor Multi-languages (plugin joomla) Unlimited number of photos or can be limited to external advertisers Internal plugin lightbox Geolocation google map of the vehicles (if desired) Display of the thumbnail CO2 (if needed in your country) And much more .....
c m p


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Mar 13 2017
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Oct 26 2009
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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