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JSW Route is a easy system for creating and managing routes directly on your Joomla 3 or 4 website.
JSW Route 4.0.14
You can now set a different start location on the map for creating items for every Route category. So you can create new routes all over the globe easy

JSW Route is a easy system for creating and managing routes directly on your Joomla 3 or 4 website.
Create and show walking routes, bicycle routes and all other sorts of routes with the easy to use interface..

JSW Route can also manage a location directory & plot them on a map.

JSW Route is a component with additional modules & plugins for creating an unlimited number of beautiful routes on your website.

Creating a route in JSW Route is pretty straightforward and easy to do.
A route in JSW Route consists of route points made in the route category.
Every route point can be managed after the route points are made in JSW Route.

Take a look at the examples so you get the idea how it works.
Beside the route with the numbered route points you can add additional information of interesting locations on the way for the user.
Think about restaurants, pubs, public art, nice points to see, views etc.
JSW Route is provided with a module which can plot all route points of your route on a map.
JSW Route uses Openstreetmap maps from
With a user account there and the code you can get there the maps are available on your website.

Frontend access
Creating and managing the routes can be done from the frontend of the website and from the administrator. We use the Joomlatools framework for this purpose. This is installed on your website together with JSW Route.

Beautyful route points
In the route points of your route you can add images, youtube or vimeo video’s or upload a sound file to your route point.

Routes can be made available for public view, for registered users only or for example users with extended user rights.
Lots of possibilities, even for commercial use.

About JSW Route
It took us a lot of hours to create this component of our JSW components family.
That’s why we are making it available as a paid download from our shop as a paid download with one year updates.
We hope you like our tool.

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JSW Route

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Oct 28 2022
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May 12 2021
GPLv2 or later
Paid download
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Uses Joomla! Update System