CRM, File Management, Contact Details, Content Construction, Maps & Locations

Store and manage almost anything with one app: JSW CRM 4
Free version available for testing purposes
Try it out on our demo site with examples.
Use JSW CRM 4 for creating and managing webpages, manage (almost) all kinds of files and contactdata on Joomla 3 or 4 easy:
- New: Export function to .csv file from the admin interface: Export the selection on your screen (category, owner, and/or tag) to csv.
- EASY SHARE: Manage & Share Files & Contactdata in JSW CRM 4 with clients & your users, even large ones,
- Documents
- Word docs,
- Spreadsheets
- PDF's
- Images
- MP3 files
- Video's locally served or from provider Youtube - Vimeo
- Locations, Relations & Contacts
- Share files & contactdata directly over your server, easier without use of a external party.
- Create & manage your webpages easy & fast from the frontend of the website
- Available in 25 languages

Add a CCK, CRM and DMS to Joomla with one app!


Look for some example applications on the documentation website.
Here you will also find a user manual how to install and use JSW CRM.

Show & manage selections of: Content, Files, Video's, Soundfiles, Contacts & Relations, Locations in a Map via the module.
Each user can manage his or her own items from the full-responsive Front-end.
Assign items to a user.
Extended user rights for viewing and creation possibilities.

Look at the demo site for a map where JSW CRM is used

- Improvements of the JSW CRM 4 Module items
The module JSW CRM items can create:
- List view (New)
- gallery view
- default view that creates a list of item titles
- Calendar view
- Slider view

- Latest Framework version
- Added List view in the Items module

- Changes/ improvement frontend layout & item layout

Version 4.0.17
- Update Framework
- Useable for managing your pages on your website easily
- Set the layout of a page, there are 6 different settings, reachable from the frontend of the website as admin
- Seo settings added
- improvements front & backend interface
- Logman plugin available
- Make a start location for the map per category
- Choose between Google or Openstreetmap for the maps in JSW CRM
- set a startpoint for all new mapitems in the configuration
- Export data to .csv file
- Various improvements
- Improvements screen layouts
- Interface change for adding items, only the title is a required field!
- adding items divided in tabs now.
- Maps module has a full screen button now

- Powerful CCK tool for viewing/storing (almost) everything on your Joomla website
- Pages, File systems & Contact information like address, links website & social media, but also video's (with embedded player), audio, documents & images

  • Upload audio & video files directly to your server & stream them directly. Make your own audio or video channel..

  • Connect the information to a map with a user friendly interface

  • Make views in all sorts of layouts 7 selections, including tags

  • Make maps based on the locations or a selection of them

  • Let users manage their own data from the front-end with a full-responsive interface

  • Send a message to the webmaster or others if data has been added or edited

  • Use it for example
    -On a intranet environment

  • For managing online workspaces for employees,
  • Creating contacts, documents, video's
  • Make your own video, locations or information channel
  • Let registered users  manage their own data & information (from the front-end)

  • View the data in a table, a gallery, a list, a flatlist or in a tree view.

Works like a charm

Posted on 11 January 2022
Very easy to set up & manage component.
You can use it for multiple forms of data. Documents, contacts, relations, even (online) video.
Ease of use
Very easy to use. Excellent interface for editing the data on front & backend.
Excellent support.
Fast response if you have questions about the component & how to use it.
Very good.
Very well documented.
There's a special website with the explanation & screendumps of JSW CRM
Value for money
Because JSW CRM can be used for lots of data in all sorts of situations/needs, it is very usefull.
I used this to: we use JSW CRM it for Managing a business directory on our website along with a few other components
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Mar 15 2023
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Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Paid download
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J3 J4

Uses Joomla! Update System


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