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The MailChimp integration is a whole new Joomla! newsletter component and more. It thoroughly exhausts the MailChimp API and will bring you unprecedented control and content inclusion options with your newsletters, along with satisfaction. Get a free MailChimp account and send up to 12,000 newsletters to 2,000 subscribers each month:

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Managing your lists, subscribers and newsletters has never been this easy and yet the depth of features will blow you away. Through the combination with MailChimp you can have a full-featured newsletter component for free when you get started. And as you grow your business and your newsletter subscriber lists, you will really start to take advantage of MailChimp's infrastructure and resources. If you have any trouble with the newsletter extension then drop us a line in our forum.

Some highlights:

  • Slick Newsletter Template Editor (choose from palettes)
  • Integrates with registration process for Joomla, JomSocial and Community Builder
  • Import existing site users to MailChimp, SugarCRM or Highrise
  • Control Panel Newsletter Stats Module for Joomla! admins
  • Newsletter Subscription Module
  • Detailed Newsletter Reports w/comparison table
  • Insert articles' intro or full text from Joomla core and K2 ( into newsletters
  • Add Virtuemart products to your newsletters
  • Send newsletter stats reports via email
  • Social sharing of your newsletter campaigns
  • Use Mailchimp's Timewarp if you signup your users with the registration package which is delivered along with the main component
  • Newsletter Campaign Folder Management
  • Autoresponders
  • Multilingual Interface
  • In-depth userprofiles
  • New e-com rating system (based on purchases) for
    • AEC - Account Expiration Control by Valanx
    • Ambra Subscriptions by Dioscouri
    • Virtuemart

Not really user friendly

Posted on 04 December 2016

Template upload not working properly. Plugin won't allow me upload neither .html, nor .zip file.

Ease of use

User interface is not very intuitive, practically with zero explanation. Unfortunately, labels are not self-explanatory.


Tried to search the forum, found a link to an older thread about my problem, but this latter throws a 404 error.

I used this to: I wanted to integrate a custom made mailchimp template into Joomla backend.


Works well, does exactly what it says it will do.

Ease of use

Never had a problem, an absolute sinch to set up, just put in your list ID, and your API key.


Doesn't really exist, but that's ok it's well made, I've never needed any support. Think this could earn money if they charged for it.


Built in documentation was fine for me.

I used this to: Signing people up from my website to MailChimp directly, viewing stats of campaign sends.

Highly recommend

Posted on 04 January 2015

Very easy very useful

Ease of use

Install, add API key and you do not have to login to Mailchimp control panel anymore!


Did not need it!

I used this to: Added it to a couple of client websites that used Mailchimp as their newsletter service. Works like a charm.

i ve been using joomla extension for a while now and after testing mail chimp,i decided its time i register and start appreciating developers for their good work.a big thanks to mail chimp

This is a fantastic tool that not only links Joomla registration to Mailchimp, but also makes writing newsletters super easy. Joomla artcles can be included in the newsletter, and you can see a report that shows statistics on the newsletter from the admin section of Joomla - never need to login to Mailchimp at all!

The bad news is that it will not work with Joomla 3 and development appears to be stone cold dead. I have delayed moving my site to Joomla 3 for over a year while hoping that someone would update this app. So far, no response - and I can't wait any longer.

Owner's reply: Hi jivy59,

Sorry it took us so long but rewriting 55.000 lines of code takes some time... We have just released the Joomla! 3 compatible version. Please give it a shot and let us know in our forums if you have any problems or suggestions about it. Thanks!

Prommising but ...

Posted on 24 September 2012

This extension looks very good and promising but it is still Very Buggy.

First impresions show:

K2 Integration not working

Email template download/upload not working

Support does not seem to exist (i have read questions from december 2011 that had not yet answered)

I will probably try something else until this is ready

Such a Shame

Posted on 11 April 2012

This extension has all the potential to be amazing, but support is non-existent and after many hours I am unable to get this component to work (with and without Community Builder). I'm rather experienced at Joomla! and without support from the developers it is a slick looking piece of junk.

Great Extension. I really liked using "MAILCHIMP" but i had to uninstall it till they up grade it to Joomla 2.5

I just hope they upgrade it before i end up finding another MAILCHIMP Extension thats Joomla 2.5 ready.

Either way if your using Joomla 1.7 or older this is a good mail extension to use.

Simple and effective

Posted on 03 April 2012

I wanted to send content out to people interested in my organisation who would not necessarily browse the website. This extension provided exactly what I was looking for. Simple to set up, easy to produce professional looking newsletters.

I downloaded and installed everything easily and set up a MailChimp account. I had a minor problem with getting my users imported, but it was because I had no list defined on Mailchimp. I found the answer in Joomlamailer forums.

I was flabbergasted by how easy it was to import my information into the template and to create a campaign. I included several articles from different categories and added a graphic with a link to my book in the left margin. I changed the colors easily to match my website and imported the banner.

After using the test facility, I scheduled my first campaign overnight. It ran smoothly, and when I logged in to my Joomla administration screen there was a summary of the campaign displayed immediately. Statistics told me my campaign was 40% more effective than my industry average and I was able to see who had opened it and clicked.

What a fantastic marketing tool!

Content Uploader Pro

Content Uploader Pro

Paid download | Data Import & Export | freakedout
29 reviews
Combine the power of Excel with Joomla! If you have a large set of articles to create or to update the Content Uploader will save you hours of work. You create the configuration once where you define the article layout and the Content Uploader will do the rest. Just select your Excel file and press Upload - done! Watch our demo video to see how it works: Formerly known as the Excel Uploader. The Content Uploader Pro allows you to upload Excel sheets to batch create: Joomla! articles K2 items J2Store Products K2Store Products Web Links Contacts Joomfish translations Akeeba Admintools Redirections This means that each row from your Excel sheet will create one new article/item on your site. Website creators who want to populate a site quickly by importing existing articles, will find this particularly useful as it eliminates a time consuming, manual process. Furthermore you can update existing articles by downloading the existing ones and reuploading them with supplying their ID to the Content Uploader. The same way you can upload your Joomfish translations for all articles like that from an Excel sheet. Have a look at our site for the documentation and features comparison between the pro and the free version. All Excel spreadsheet types are supported (xlsx, xls, csv, ooc, zip and more).
Content Uploader

Content Uploader

Free | Data Import & Export | freakedout
10 reviews
Formerly known as the Excel Uploader. The Content Uploader will allow you to upload data from a spreadsheet directly into articles! This means that each row from your excel sheet will create one new article on your site. Website creators who want to populate a site quickly by importing existing articles, will find this particuarly useful as it eliminates a time consuming, manual process. File types supported: xlsx, xls, csv, ooc. Watch our demo video to see how it works:
Broken image notifier

Broken image notifier

Free | Admin Reports | freakedout
1 review
Broken images on a website make it look unprofessional and poorly maintained. They need to be fixed as soon as possible but how do you even know about them if you don't go through all your sites manually from time to time? Here is the solution. This plugin scans your website on each page load for broken images and sends out an email if it detects one. This allows you to fix your website as soon as possible and saves you the time to check all pages yourself.


Free | Site Navigation | freakedout
0 reviews
J2Top creates a button that appears on the bottom-right (or -left) when you scroll down the page. Once clicked the page will scroll smoothly to the top of the page and the button will disappear. The look of the button is fully configurable from the backend, you can change the text, font-color, font-size, background images and much more. As of version 1.0.8 the button text can be translated in the plugin configuration or by using language files. Additionally we added an option to display the button also in the administrator interface. You can also define how much pixels must be scrolled down before the button appears, the time that the button needs to fade in and out and if the button should be transparent by setting the opacity between 0.1 and 1.

MailChimp integration for Joomla!

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Apr 22 2017
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Nov 18 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System

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