GPXTrackMap is a content plugin to display GPS tracks in the common GPX format on interactive maps in articles.

It uses the OpenLayers API to show the track on a variety of selectable map layers from OpenStreetMap, Google Maps(tm),
BING Maps(tm) and a lot more.

If you go hiking or cycling with your GPS, and want an easy way to publish your tracks on your site, then this is for you!

All you need to have your track or route shown in your article or module is to write this code into the text:


(you must use curly braces instead of the round ones)

Track and map display are highly customizable, and there is a Parameter Preset feature that can keep your custom settings organized easily.

The Plugin can parse the GPX file to extract all kinds of statistical data that you can show along with the map, as well as render SVG diagrams of the altitude and travel speed of your trip.

Since V1.2 GPXTrackMap fully supports Joomla 3.x!
Since V1.4 https is fully supported.

Super Plugin

Posted on 27 July 2017
Funktioniert einfach Klasse! Zeigt Tracks in einer interaktiven Karte von OpenStreetMap.
Ease of use
Mit der Standardkonfiguration schon alles wirklich einfach zu implementieren, trotzdem sehr individuell konfigurierbar!
Die FAQ und die Lösungen von Fragestellungen im Forum sind sehr hilfreich.
Die Dokumentation ist umfassend und leicht verständlich geschrieben.

Just what I needed....

Posted on 25 August 2015
Exactly doing what I needed.
Ease of use
You should be familiar with gpx en OSM. But if you are, it is easy to use.
Very good!
I used this to: I created my own code to display gpx files in Joomla articles, using OpenLayers. It was the idea to create a plugin but it never came so far.

I love it

Posted on 29 December 2014
Doing what is supposed to do !
Ease of use
Very easy to use it.

I've started to show in my blog my gpxtrackmaps with this plugin and I'm very pleased.

you can view the results on: sotaunacol dot cat

PS: choose any blog entry in the hiking category and it will show the plugin with an opencyclemap.

Versatile and reliable

Posted on 13 January 2014
A great way to employ the free Open Street Maps on your site. For basic use, it is not too difficult to implement. The documentation is thorough and there are many possibilities to adapt and transform this plugin. And most important: it loads fast! So thank you for this marvellous plugin!
This is an amazing tool to show and download gpx tracks. I tested it for OSM based maps and I didn't find a plugin like this. It has many options to adjust the views.

Thanks to Frank Ingermann for his work and the sharing.
Finally an OpenStreetMap extension which is not depending upon the Google api's.

It's quick and easy to implement. The documentation is good and the support is excellent. To the developer: keep it up that way!

I use it to show my hiking tracks, illustrated with custom waypoint symbols, showing links and pictures, and it all works like a charm!
This is a simple but very powerful Mapping extension. It has Height and speed profiles and is very much configurable.

More important even, it is one of the few extensions that does NOT use Google Maps. It can be suspected that one day Google will decide that we have to pay for their service, but the OpenStreetMaps used in this plugin are so much better for evryone interested in outdoor activities.

Last but not least, the designer is very responsive.

Certainly recommended!


Frank Ingermann
Last updated:
May 26 2018
6 years ago
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System


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