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Do you have a webcam or IP cam and you do not know how to display it on the Joomla website page?
If your webcam can send images via FTP, this module is for you!
A module to put online the images of a webcam, expecially af a weather webcam, with a responsive mode. It shows the .jpg images that a webcam upload on your server. It works with PC, smartphone and tablet.

-Some webcams upload only one image every x minutes and the image has always the same name and the browser caches the images. This module fits for this! It shows the new image every time you load the browser page, without caching.
-Some webcams upload images with different name always on the same folder. This module fits for this! It get and shows the last x images that are on the folder.
-Some webcams upload images on a daily folder; every day a new folder. This module fits for this! It chouses the last folder uploaded and then comes in it, if there is another folder it comes in it again and then it gets and shows the last x images that there are.
-Some webcams do not show the day and time of the image. This module fits for this! It adds a caption with the day, the time of the image and, if you like, a short text also.
-Do you need to show only the most recent image of your webcam, almost as a real time but with some seconds late, but your webcam upload always images with different name? This module fits for this! You can show only the last image like in real time but with some seconds late.
-Do you need to publish your webcam images on meteo forecast website but you need an image always with the same name and with the same url and your webcam does not be able to? This module fits for this! (that needs a cron-job)

And, if you need to see more than one webcam on the same page at the same time there is a way to do this too.
The modules is plenty of settings and mode to show your images.
It is fully responsive and it fits in smartphone or tablet.
For a better aesthetic result, you can choose between 3 styles of css and you can choose two transition effect, fade or slide.
2 backend languages: English and Italian
Finally a perfect and simply way to put on line your webcam!

Please, take a bit of time to see the demo page and to read the documentation page.

Questo modulo permette di mettere online immagini responsive prodotte da una webcam o anche una meteo webcam. Funziona solo con immagini nel formato .jpg che vengono caricate via FTP in un server.

Caratteristiche di funzionamento:
-Alcune webcam caricano una immagine ogni x minuti e sempre con lo stesso nome. Questo modulo mostra la nuova immagine ogni volta che si carica e visualizza la pagina web in cui è stato pubblicato.
-Alcune webcam caricano immagini con nomi differenti sempre nella stessa cartella. Questo modulo entra nella cartella e mostra le ultime x immagini che sono state caricate.
-Alcune webcam caricano immagini su nuove cartelle create ogni giorno, cioè ogni giorno una nuova cartella. Questo modulo individua l'ultima cartella creata, entra in essa e mostra le ultime x immagini caricate. Se le immagini sono contenute dentro una sub cartella questo modulo la individua e entra in essa prima di mostrare le immagini.
-Alcune webcam caricano le immagini senza data e senza orario. Questo modulo, automaticamente, è in grado di sovrascrivere (caption) la data e l'ora sul lato inferiore dell'immagine.
-Alcune webcam non mostrano il giorno e l'ora l'immagine. Questo modulo si adatta a questo! Aggiunge una didascalia con il giorno e l'ora dell'immagine.
-Se si ha bisogno di vedere più di una webcam nella stessa pagina contemporaneamente c'è una modalità per fare anche questo.
Infine, c'è la possibilità di scegliere fra tre stili CSS di visualizzazione e di inserire un effetto nella trasizione: fader o slide.
-Vuoi pubblicare le immagine in un sito di previsioni meteo che però richiede le immagini sempre con lo stesso nome e con lo stesso URL e la tua webcam non lo fa? Questo modulo fa anche questo! (Richiede un cron-job)

Finalmente un modo perfetto e semplice per mettere in linea la tua webcam!
Il modulo è pieno di regolazioni e modi per mostrare le immagini. E' completamente responsive e si visualizza negli smartphone e tablet.

In pochi minuti puoi vedere la pagina dimostrativa e quella con la documentazione, vale la pena per scoprire completamente tutte le funzionalità
Rappresenta un modulo semplice e perfetto per mettere online le immagini di una meteo webcam.
Le lingue implementate nel backend sono inglese e italiano.


Posted on 28 March 2021
All you need to show webcam screenshots on your joomla website.
IPcam upload images to ftp and this extension take care of showing them.
Ease of use
Easy to setup and to configure. It tooks just 15 minutes to make it work.
Had a question, got help in a few minutes (on Sunday!)
Well documented in english and italian.
Demo page on its website.
Value for money
It's so cheap and it does its work 10/10
I recommend this extension
I used this to: In my hotel website showing images taken from my IPcam
J 3.9.25 php7.3

Webcam Viewer

Posted on 13 September 2019
Webcam Viewer installed easily on Joomla 3.9.11. Solves universal problem of refreshing browser cache for webcam images
Ease of use
Easy to install plu "balloon help" makes the options easy to configure
I had a couple of questions and the support was superb!!!! The developer is half-way around the world from me but responded almost immediate
Documentation is a little sparse but adequate to install and configure the module
Value for money
Excellent value!! Solves a universal problem of refreshing browser cache for webcam images.
I used this to: Webcam that uploads a new picture every 30 minutes but some browsers aggressively cache images and do not refresh with the new image.

Webcam viewer support

Posted on 03 May 2019
full-fill all needs to populate images to website. Great feature
Ease of use
easy to use. No difficulties during implementation. Can be adjusted to various purpose
awesome support even for personalized solution. 5 stars are even too little
self explaining. Various parameters are clearly documented. No further instruction needed
Value for money
in any case. Module if definitely worth of money. I can really recommend
I used this to: personal website to watch river water level to adjust boat pier accordingly
Fits for different kinds of Webcam-Image-Modes (same/different name for each image), different options for image transition and caption.
Ease of use
Easy to understand even for non-english-users, Rapid-Mode-Setup is done within a minute, all options have tool-tip-explanations - very easy!
Had some difficulties due to my webspace and webcam-config - support really worked hard and finally found a solution - on a sunday morning!
Not really necessary as the configuration is very simple, but explains all options and ist easy to understand
Value for money
Small module, small price, but a worthy tool without adds, with good support and simply working. Definitely worth the money.
I used this to: a website and -cam on a stork's nest, which I had to set up very quickly as the storks were already brooding, when we installed the cam. The cam uploads an image every 10 seconds. Got visitors from several countrys already.

Simply but perfect

Posted on 12 July 2018
It is rigth what I was looking for. This module is perfect to show the images that my webcam upload on my server
Ease of use
Very easy is its setup
I did not need the support
The documentation is simply but in every setup there are usefull tooltip
Value for money
very cheap
I used this to: I use it form my weather webcam

Webcam viewer

Antonio Germani
Last updated:
Nov 23 2022
1 year ago
Date added:
Apr 25 2018
GPLv2 or later
Paid download
J3 J4

Uses Joomla! Update System


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