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The Comprehensive Solution
Joomla 4/5.x.x and PHP8 compatible!
In search of an all-inclusive online store builder? Look no further than MarvikShop – your ultimate online store solution, encompassing website development, payment systems, complete order management, marketing tools, and robust reporting functionalities. It furnishes everything you need to propel your online store towards success, freeing you to focus on product sales. With MarvikShop, you gain access to over 7000 add-ons from osCommerce, and by seamlessly integrating Joomla extensions, you can craft a magnificent webshop with its own unique identity!

MarvikShop stands as a Joomla component rooted in OSCommerce, offering not just a bridge or standalone program, but a comprehensive e-commerce shopping cart solution derived from osCommerce. Functioning seamlessly within Joomla as a component, it installs effortlessly via the Joomla extensions manager and seamlessly integrates with the Joomla registration form. Transitioning from osCommerce to MarvikShop is a breeze, given its utilization of the same database tables as osCommerce.

Exceptionally SEO-Optimized
The MarvikShop platform is purpose-built – and continuously refined – for peak performance in search engine rankings. Equipped with an array of tools, MarvikShop empowers you to fine-tune your online store for maximum visibility. Standard features include search-engine-friendly URLs, ensuring enhanced discoverability.

Global Reach
Offering your online store in 6 languages, accommodating multiple currencies, and facilitating VAT transfer options, MarvikShop simplifies international online business operations like never before.

Professional Joomla Template Design
With MarvikShop, the design possibilities are virtually endless. Quickly customize the standard theme to align with your brand's aesthetic, and elevate your sales with a professional design curated by MarvikShop. The horizon of Joomla template design stretches infinitely.

MarvikShop, comprising 80% OsCommerce and leveraging the same Database tables, enables seamless integration with thousands of add-ons available on the OsCommerce site, with minimal adjustments required.

If you're seeking a webshop solution within Joomla and appreciate the features of OsCommerce, MarvikShop is the perfect fit for you!

Pre-integrated Features/Add-ons:

Nice product listing layout
jQuery/Ajax Shopping Cart
Fly to Cart product image to cart on product page
Ajax Add/Remove buttons in cart
Ajax Delete button in cart
Ajax Remove button in shopping_cart infobox

Unlimited Products and Categories
Gift Vouchers/Coupons
Download/Virtual Product support
Secure/Stable code base
Web Based admin Panel
Supports UPS, USPS and Fed X shipping
Unlimited product Specials
Separate customer groups
Download Controller
New Attribute Manager
Down For Maintenance
Shipping Per Product
Separate Pricing Per Customer
Category Box Enhancement
Specials On Main Page by Default
Column Product Listing + admin toggle and controls
Dynamic Meta Tag Generator
Edit Orders
Categories Descriptions
Easy Populate
Easy product listing
Country/State dropdown
Recover Cart Sales
Customer Loyalty Discount
Sales/Tax Reporting
Page Performance Parse

Some payment Modules Included:
Authorize.Net Consolidated Credit Card AIM and SIM
Cash on Delivery
Bank payment
Standard OSC Credit Card
GeoTrust QuickPayments
Check/Money order
PayBox Credit Card
5 different paypal payments
Realex Payments
Credit Card Payment (VCS)

Some shipping Modules Included:
FedX Direct Real Time Quotes v2.04
UPS XML v1.1.5

MarvikShop is een Joomla-component gebaseerd op osCommerce, en het is niet slechts een toevoeging voor Joomla, maar een op zichzelf staande component. Je installeert MarvikShop via de extensions manager van Joomla en het maakt gebruik van het registratieproces van Joomla. Hierdoor kun je aan je Joomla/MarvikShop-website diverse andere componenten toevoegen, zoals een nieuwsbriefcomponent of een forumcomponent. MarvikShop maakt gebruik van dezelfde database tabellen als osCommerce. Om de prestaties te verbeteren, hebben we twee Joomla-plugins toegevoegd. De eerste breidt het gebruikersprofiel uit om te voldoen aan de vereisten van MarvikShop/osCommerce. De tweede plugin zorgt ervoor dat de tabellen worden gesynchroniseerd, inclusief het adresboek, klantenbestand, voucher systeem, enzovoort. MarvikShop bestaat voor 80% uit osCommerce en maakt gebruik van dezelfde databaseopbouw. Met slechts enkele kleine aanpassingen kun je van je oude osCommerce-website een gloednieuwe Joomla 5.0-website maken en profiteren van de nieuwste mogelijkheden van dit CMS-systeem! Als je een webshop in Joomla wilt, maar niet wilt overstappen van osCommerce met zijn uitgebreide scala aan add-ons, dan is MarvikShop de ideale keuze voor jou!

MarvikShop ist eine Joomla-Komponente, die auf osCommerce basiert, und es ist nicht nur ein Add-on für Joomla, sondern eine eigenständige Komponente. Sie installieren MarvikShop über den Erweiterungsmanager von Joomla und es nutzt den Registrierungsprozess von Joomla. Auf diese Weise können Sie Ihrer Joomla/MarvikShop-Website verschiedene andere Komponenten hinzufügen, wie zum Beispiel ein Newsletter- oder Forum-Modul. MarvikShop verwendet dieselben Datenbanktabellen wie osCommerce. Zur Verbesserung der Leistung haben wir zwei Joomla-Plugins hinzugefügt. Das erste erweitert das Benutzerprofil, um den Anforderungen von MarvikShop/osCommerce zu entsprechen. Das zweite Plugin sorgt dafür, dass die Tabellen synchronisiert werden, einschließlich des Adressbuchs, des Kundenbestands, des Gutschein-Systems usw. MarvikShop besteht zu 80% aus osCommerce und verwendet die gleiche Datenbankstruktur. Mit nur wenigen kleinen Anpassungen können Sie Ihre alte osCommerce-Website in eine brandneue Joomla 5.0-Website verwandeln und von den neuesten Funktionen dieses CMS profitieren! Wenn Sie einen Webshop in Joomla möchten, aber nicht auf osCommerce mit seinem umfangreichen Angebot an Add-ons verzichten möchten, ist MarvikShop die ideale Lösung für Sie!

Great tool!

Posted on 02 September 2015
Great tool, and equally important, great support!
Ease of use
Easy to use, good integration in existing site
Support is extensive and personal. If needed they look at your local site and fix any issue you may encounter that can't be easily resolved
Value for money
Definitely money well spend!
I used this to: Integrating OSCommerce in my Joomla based site.
MarvikShop bundle
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MarvikShop bundle

By Team MarvikShop
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MarvikShop 4.0 module bundle. Is a package within 26 modules for MarvikShop. (Based on OSCommerce boxes) MarvikShop itself is a Joomla component based on OSCommerce, it is not a bridge or stand alone program, but a complete e-Commerce shoppingcart solution from osCommerce. MarvikShop itself works within Joomla as a component, it installs via the Joomla extensions manager and uses the Joomla regis...


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May 13 2024
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Nov 18 2014
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Uses Joomla! Update System


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