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This Plugin lets you insert the Mautic tracking gif image to your Joomla website and embed the Mautic Forms to the Joomla articles.

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Mautic Form embed

To embed a Mautic form into a Joomla article, insert this code snippet to the article content:

{mauticform ID}

ID is identifikator of the Mautic form you want to embed. You can see the ID of the form in the URL of the form detail. For example for, ID = 1.

Mautic Tracking

Plugin inserts the Mautic Tracking Image to source code of your Joomla website. It's just 1x1px gif so it won't raise the size of your website much. Plugin also adds additional info about current url, referrer url, page title and page language to the Tracking Image URL query, so you'll get better reports in Mautic.


Alllow to use data for visitors' behavior. This tool have a process, or flow for building your strategy. From forms, emails, great tool.

Ease of use

Very easy. Install, login, and you can have access to dashboard


I think the better support is that you dont need it.


Very easy to read. Concise. Complete.

I used this to: Track in my personal blog. In near future I will install it on my business website.


Installation is easy. It adds the Mautic tracking pixel and makes it easy to use mautic forms within Joomla.

Ease of use

Very easy. Install, configure 1 field enable and you're ready to go.


Support through Github, Slack or the Mautic community forum.

I used this to: Integrating Mautic with a couple of Joomla websites


Installing the plugin is simple, it adds the tracking pixel which allows you to automatically log visitors in Mautic by IP address.

Ease of use

Very easy to install, just enable the plugin with your Mautic URL in the appropriate field, and it just works!


Great support on Slack and in Github, issues are being dealt with quickly and feature requests are being incorporated.


Documentation is getting there - a bit sketchy in some places (but you can ask for help in Slack) but it's improving on a daily basis.

I used this to: Installing the tracking pixel on several Joomla sites for Mautic marketing integration.


Mautic community
Last updated:
May 25 2015
Date added:
Feb 26 2015
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System

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