Joomla Migration

Migrate your old Joomla! sites with the best, most popular, used on thousands of sites already, by thousands of satisfied users, component and keep your Google Rank safe.

SP Upgrade supports transferring between the various Joomla! versions as below:

1.5 -> 2.5
1.5 -> 3.x
1.5 -> 4.x
1.6 -> 2.5
1.6 -> 3.x
1.6 -> 4.x
1.7 -> 2.5
1.7 -> 3.x
1.7 -> 4.x
2.5 -> 3.x
2.5 -> 4.x
3.x -> 3.x
3.x -> 4.x
4.x -> 4.x

  • Joomla version 3.x and 4.x supported, refers to all releases of Joomla 3 and 4

The simple process

  • Install a new version of Joomla anywhere, (your live server, or a remote server, or even on your PC)
  • Install SP Upgrade,
  • Connect to the source database,
  • Click the transfer button,
  • Enjoy your new site.

Migrate everything with with no exceptions.

Core Data:
- Users
- Articles (along with their Sections and Categories)
- Contacts
- Web Links
- News Feeds
- Banners
- Menus ability to transfer all menu items, and not - only of the core components
- Modules ability to transfer all modules, and not only the core
- Tags
- All other extensions data!

- K2
- Kunena
- AcyMailing
- VirtueMart
- BreezingForms
- sh404sef
- JComments
- JEvents
- Community Builder
- Phoca Download
- Phoca Gallery
- Phoca Guestbook
- Phoca Maps
- jNews

Description for SP Upgrade & SP Transfer are different on JED to the devs website. SP Upgrade does not have the functionality stated here.
Ease of use
If you get the correct extension! SP Upgrade would not transfer core articles from J3 to J4. SP Transfer did it first time.
Did not respond to email but did move my subscription to SP Transfer (without telling me) when I pointed out descriptions here were wrong.
Documentation is good, but unless you read it before buying, you are likely to purchase the wrong extension for the job
Value for money
If you get the correct extension for the job, it save a lot of time. Buy based on the description here and you will waste hours.
I used this to: I was migrating the core data from a J3 to J4. I ended up having to do the transfer manually because I had no email response to my support request. When a few days later I logged in, they had moved my subscription from SP Upgrade to SP Transfer(not telling me), so I now have both

Not worth the money

Posted on 04 September 2018
Upgrade a 1.5 site to 3.8
A week later I am still trying to get it going.
May have been quicker to start from scratch
Ease of use
Seems to work but doesnt migrate some Extensions very well
Old template caused massive problems
Too slow
OK, but needs more up to date info
Value for money
Admit some problems may have been my fault, but did not get the help when needed.
I used this to: Work
A very powerful and thorough migration tool. This component does exactly what it says it will do very quickly and securely.
Ease of use
A very well designed simple and elegant user interface makes migrating any size Joomla installation just a a few mouse clicks. Brilliant!
Fast, friendly, professional and responsive. They created a great product and are right there ready to help you get the most from it.
Well written and easy to understand. However, the tool is so versatile, the documentation could use a few more examples of ways to us it.
Value for money
Worth every penny. A fair price for great software and fast professional support.
I used this to: I used SP Upgrade to migrate a Joomla v 1.5.26 site to v3.7.2 with great results. Key to success is simple: Follow the step-by-step instructions in the documentation and your migration will go flawlessly and smoothly. Great support if you have a question or concern. The best!


Posted on 27 January 2017
Ease of use
No experience required
Amazing support. I asked them for a problem on articles transfer and they fix it faster then ever.
Value for money
I used this to: Transfer from 1.5 to 3.6
Did all the core Joomla data without any issues.
Ease of use
Very easy to use - just need the 1.5 database information.
Responded to my email within 30 minutes of sending the email.
Very good.
Value for money
Excellent value for money! Given how long it would take to do this any other way.
It transfered succesfuly 5700 articles and categories from my old joomla 1.5.15 to the new 3.6.4 database
Ease of use
Simple setup and working witout trouble. It took more than 4 hours to transfer all the content
Quick response to mails, and they are very helpfull.
The process is very simple and the documentation covers it completely.
Value for money
Good value for money considering that you don't want to mess with the database.
I used this to: Migrating my old site Joomla 1.5.15 to the new version 3.6.4.

Confusing store

Posted on 06 October 2016
I used this to: I would have used it to upgrade a website. The download, however was for the database transfer.
I cannot recommend this until the developers sort out their links!
Owner's reply: Can you please contact with us in order to be able to assist you? If you got the wrong product, we must give you the correct.
For no reasons you should spend money on something that is not working.

Wait for your feedback.
everything works fine
Ease of use
after configuration it's no problem to convert all data and the database to the new Joomla version
great support, if I had any questions I got a short-term answer and a solution for everything
documentation is written very articulate
Value for money
this tool is to be worth one's salt, I would buy it again everytime
I used this to: Upgrade from Joomla 1.5 to 3.5

Worked great!

Posted on 12 February 2016
Once the database was connected it was fast and worked exactly like it was supposed to.
Ease of use
Very easy to navigate interface and it's just push button.
Support was back to me the next day on a question that I had.
Documentation was easy to follow
Value for money
great value for the money, would have taken me a while to get it all done without this handy tool
I used this to: I'm migrating an old gaming website for some friends and I wasn't even familiar with Joomla til this migration. I needed a way to go from 1.5 to 3.4 and this worked great! Saved me a headache for sure.

Fabulous Product

Posted on 01 September 2015
I have used this product before and it gets easier every time. Everything was converted within minutes with no issues.
Ease of use
It converted a website with almost 600 articles in under 15 minutes.
Never have needed to use it.
Great. A person should start the process with reading the documentation and follow the step-by-step instructions for the best results.
Value for money
Oh, yeah! I've converted 16 websites using this product and it's saved me a TON of time.
I used this to: All my Joomla! upgrades.
SP Transfer
Paid download

SP Transfer

Data Import & Export
Use this tool to transfer files or database items between two different Joomla! sites, or duplicate items within your live site. This is a 'mass' copy/paste tool necessary for ALL Joomla! administrators. In the old Joomla! 1.5 when you wanted to transfer database items to a different Joomla, just an export/import of the required database tables would do the job. With the new Joomla! 1.6, 1.7, 2.5...
SP Staging
Paid download

SP Staging

Site Security
SP Staging is a tool with the ability to manage remotely all Joomla! extensions from a central coordinator site on all your Joomla! sites. Imagine using the core Joomla! Extensions Manager with all its functionality (install, find updates, update, upgrade Joomla! etc), but instead you can control all your sites from one place. So in summary with SP Staging you can: Manage extensions remotely fro...
PH Cloud

PH Cloud

Emails, files, calendars & contacts from a single view. Host and Access your data with a Joomla! site. ...this is your office on the cloud Email Client Access all your emails with IMAP protocol from a single place. DAV Server & Client It is at the same time a DAV server & client, supporting the follow protocols: •WebDAV - for raw files, •CardDAV - for contacts, •CalDAV - for calendar. S...
SP Download

SP Download

With SP Download you can attach and edit files from the front end as well as from the administrative back end. This is the core Joomla Media Manager with the ability to easily upload and attach files to articles and all other types of content. Many times we want to attach files for download in our articles. We needed an easy way to do that, and unfortunately Joomla Media Manager allowed only imag...

SP Upgrade

Last updated:
Jul 23 2020
2 years ago
Date added:
Nov 18 2014
GPLv2 or later
Paid download
J3 J4

Uses Joomla! Update System


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