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Site Lock is a FREE, one of a kind extension for the Joomla CMS that will allow you to password protect your site from being viewed while you are still in development mode.

This is much different from using the standard "Site Offline" feature of Joomla and has a lot more features.

No more need to use an HTaccess file to lock down your site. The Site Lock extension will give you much more flexibility.

Supported Joomla Versions
Joomla 3.x

Have you ever used the "Site Offline" feature of Joomla and wished that you could allow your clients, colleagues, or friends to view the site without making it public or adding them as a "special" level administrator user?

Or have you ever logged into the front of your site while it is offline to view how it will look to the public only to find that you have those little edit article icons on ever page of the site and you cannot get a true feel for how the site will look to non-logged in visitors?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, Site Lock is your answer.

Site lock offers you the following benefits:
- Add a custom background color
- Add a custom background image
- Add a custom page title
- Show or hide the login form on the splash page
- HTaccess style site login protection
- Give your clients their own login (without making them a user on your website)
- Create your own custom splash page message
- Custom splash page message supports HTML formatting you can edit with your favorite WYSIWYG Editor
- Site Lock is FREE to download and use on as many sites as you wish
- Log in and view your site just as if it were live and see it as the public would see it
- No more needing to use the standard "Site Offline" feature of Joomla
- You choose who can see the site and who can't with custom login credentials
- Enable and Disable in one click

The best

Posted on 03 July 2023
Works as intended. No fuss, no nothing. Just put it on and you're good to do! Probably one of the best extension out there.
Ease of use
One of the most easiest component out there. Everything is under one tab. No navigating away!
Was not needed.Everything is the component setting. Does not get any easier than this! I do wish however it was upgraded to Joomla 4.
I used this to: Blocking access to websites that are under development. Pretty useful.

Excellent extension

Posted on 04 January 2017
Simple and straightforward. Does exactly what is needed.
Ease of use
Very Easy!
I used this to: Colaborating on a website under development. Kept closed to the public, but allowing collaborators to have differing access as needed.
The latest version for Joomla 3 has the same functionality which is appreciated. It can't be used with Akeeba AdminTools admin password
Ease of use
Not nearly as easy to use as the previous version when it comes to getting a certain look. Images don't seem to work with the editor (JCE)
I used this to: I would like to use this for it's intended purpose but it just seems to have been changed for the worse without rhyme or reason and little thought to how people will have to do major customization to have a look that doesn't completely clash with their own site.
Owner's reply: We have just released a new version (3.0.2) that you will definitely appreciate with lots of new features that the older versions did not have. Please check it out.

Great extension

Posted on 16 October 2014
I have being looking for an extension like this to showcase my website to some selected people before it goes live. I think Site locks does that well perfectly. Great.
I was so worried about letting the development build go live, just for the client to see the progress. Joomla does not help much in locking the entire site. Found this software and it's a godsend! lock the live site in a click and create users for login... no joomla user creation!! Thank you and keep up the good work..
This extension reduces client frustrations during development for sure.

Ideal for purpose

Posted on 27 June 2014
Wanted to allow stakeholders to view website whilst under development without being registered and this did just the job.

It solved my problem!

Posted on 15 February 2014
This extension should be part of the core of Joomla.

Several times I had the problem of showing the website to a client while I needed to have the site off-line.

Site lock solves the problem. The site is off-line but I can assign a specific username and passwod to the client and he can see how the site while it is still off-line.

Perfect out of the box

Posted on 17 December 2013
Excellent product! 2 minutes to download, install, and configure.

Works out of the box very easily.

I needed a product to hide a site from a previous contract who had refused to pay, but I still wanted to use the dev. for my portfolio. Exactly what I wanted.

Thank you so much.
This FREE extension is a "must have extension" in any Joomla designer's toolbox.

I so glad I found.

Thank you to the team of Site Lock
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Site Lock

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