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Progressive Web App is the best way to turn websites into an app. A PWA increases conversation rate and time spent on the website. A Progressive Web App is operating system independent and offers different support depending on the browser. With miTT PWA you have full control over the cache behaviour and the possibility to create your own personalised offline page. This offline page is then called if the website is not accessible and the requested page is not yet in the cache.

By separating the cache, you can control the optimal performance and behavioral possibilities.

miTT PWA Progressive Web App supports the following features:

installable as an app (Desktop, Tablet and Mobile)

  • full control over the cache behavior
  • static cache
  • automatic cache
  • Network First
  • Cache First
  • Cache Strategy depends on the effective network connection
  • CDN Support for external files
  • fast page loading
  • Setting Cache Exceptions
  • Setting up a personal offline page
  • config your own Theme and Background color of the app
  • set own icon (maskable icon support)
  • support App Shortscuts
  • create own custom Installation Button for the PWA
  • simple Install Notice at iOS (iOS 13, new iOS 14)
  • Time Interval for Updating

Depending on the operating system and browser, different features are supported. In the Chrome browser, the PWA can be added as an app on desktop devices. On Android devices you will get a pop up when you open the pages.

If you are looking for Push Notifications is miTT PWA Push is the right for you.

If you have further questions please contact me at

Progressive Web App ist die beste Möglichkeit Webseiten in eine App zu verwandeln. Eine PWA erhöht Conversation Rate und Verweildauer auf der Website. Eine Progressive Web App ist betriebssystemunabhängig und bietet je nach Browser ein unterschiedliche Unterstützung an. Mit miTT PWA haben Sie volle Kontrolle über die Cache Verhalten und der Möglichkeit eine eigene personalisierten Offline Seite zu gestalten. Diese Offlineseite wird dann aufgerufen, falls die Webseite nicht erreichbar und die angeforderte Seite noch nicht im Cache ist.

Durch die Separation von Cache kann man die optimale Performance, sowie Möglichkeiten des Verhaltens kontrollieren.

miTT PWA unterstützt folgenden Features:

  • als App installierbar (Desktop, Tablet and Mobile)
  • volle Kontrolle über das Cache Verhalten
  • statischer Cache
  • automatischer Cache
  • Network First
  • Cache First
  • Cache Strategie in Abhängigkeit von der Internetverbindung
  • CDN Support für externe Dateien
  • schneller Seitenaufbau
  • Festlegen von Cache Ausnahmen
  • Einrichtung einer persönlichen Offline Seite
  • Theme and Background Color der App wählbar
  • eigenes Icon wählbar (maskable icon Unterstützung)
  • App Kurzbefehle (App Shortcuts)
  • Erstellung eines eigene Button zur Installation der PWA
  • Installationshinweis als Banner für iOS (iOS 13, neu iOS 14)
  • Zeitintervall für Aktualisierungen

Je nach Betriebssystem und Browser werden unterschiedliche Features unterstützt. Im Chrome Browser kann auf Desktop Geräten die PWA als App hinzugefügt werden. Auf Android Geräten bekommt man bei Aufruf der Seiten eine Pop Up.

Neben mitt PWA gibt es noch miTT PWA Push für den Support von Push Nachrichten.

Bei Fragen weiteren Fragen kontaktieren Sie mich auf

-Great features
-cash managing works solid
- love the iOS note banner for install
Ease of use
- The documentation is very detailed and you can find everything there
- After the setup it is very intuitive
Robert is a great support if you have any questions. I contacted Robert about one question and he came back to me after one day.
Value for money
The value of the PWA is fair price. You get a lot for what you pay for.
I used this to: I use this to run my business website and I experienced a better ranking from Google.
This extension really does the job.
I've tried several of them, but with this one you can really manage the cache in back office.
Ease of use
miTT PWA is very simple. If you have a problem there is documentation.
Robert was very present for all my requests, before and after my purchase. Many thanks for his advice.
The documentation exists but is not really useful. The extension is really easy to use.
Value for money
The price of this extension is very low to have such a powerful feature.
I used this to: I'm going to use this extension for a cultural website. And after all the others I'll realize.
This is a must have for all website. It looks like the new way to deal with speed and caches and can transform quickly any website
Ease of use
Very easy ! a plugin well documented and explained, with regular updates
Robert is very quick in responding and implementing new features. He can advise you on how to better things
Documentation on the website is easy to understand about progressive web app
Value for money
This is a must have and the subscription fee is absolutely reasonable for the efficiency of the plugin
I used this to: We slowly move from native iOS and android app difficult to market and keep in good state to our web site transformed in a progressive web app
miTT PWA Push (Progressive Web App)
Paid download

miTT PWA Push (Progressive Web App)

By Robert Mittl
Mobile Apps
miTT PWA Push integrates a Progressive Web App with Push Messages into Joomla. This plugin has all features as miTT PWA. Full Control over the Service Worker Cache gives you the possibility to handle your Cache Strategy. The only difference between miTT PWA and miTT PWA Push is the support of Push Notifications based on Google Firebase. Joomla PWA Features: - full control over the cache behaviour...

miTT PWA (Progressive Web App)

Robert Mittl
Last updated:
Oct 01 2020
4 weeks ago
Date added:
Apr 10 2020
GPLv2 or later
Paid download
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miTT PWA Push (Progressive Web App)
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Uses Joomla! Update System


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