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QR Card Standard is a new component for Jooma 3.x totally free that allows the exchange of contact data with a mobile phone, without the need to copy anything manually.

Interactive virtual business card

The QR Card component generates a virtual business card and the QR code that allows access to the data. When the mobile phone reads the QR code, it sends a query to your website, where the generator builds an interactive card with the contact details.

The generator offers formats to add the contact to the mobile phone's agenda, without the need to copy or remember anything: everything is sent directly to the mobile.

You can also include a photograph, or a logo, with the details of the QR Card, supporting animated GIFs as the background of the QR code.

The user can create and personalize as many QR Cards as they want, registering their contact information each time, and then download and print the QR, process it with an image application to add other elements, or place it directly on a web page.

The operation of the system requires that a QR code reader be found on the user's mobile. This application is not supplied with the component; each user can download the one of their choice at any time. Due to its popularity, you may already have one installed.

QR Card Standard will provide a combination of the following contact details:

- Name and surname
- Profession (or your company name)
- Photography (or logo)
- Contact mobile phone
- Email address
- Postal address
- Your website address

Dynamic content

If you opt for the dynamic content QR code, when the user's mobile terminal reads the QR code, the reader directs them to an interactive virtual card, with the contact details; using this card you can:

- Initiate a call
- Locate the address on Google Maps
- Send an SMS
- Send an email
- Download all the information into the mobile phone book
- Visit the website

You just have to touch on the postal address, the telephone number or the email address for the magic to begin.

You can easily create the body of the card but the QR generator and Avesome QR Javascript are not functional.
Ease of use
Good but when it comes to the generation of the QR code, it is not working
Not supplied. The link for the documentation is not functioning. It requires a username and password.
I used this to: Create virtual business cards and generate the appropriate qr codes for them
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QR Card

Joaquín Martín
Last updated:
Oct 14 2021
2 years ago
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Sep 29 2021
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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Uses Joomla! Update System


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