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The Best Free solution to implement JW Player 6.12 HTML5 in Joomla 4.x and 3.x, JoomlaRuleZ is an official Reseller of JW.
We propose solution for Commercial website (License and unbranded Player) and Uncommercial website (No License and Branded Player)! .

Backend Parameters Playlist:

* RSS Playlist (RSS - Media, SMIL, Youtube SD - HD)
* Support Video/Audio Files (MP4, WEBM, FLV, MP3, AAC, OGG, YouTube HTML5)

Backend Parameters :

* Layout : Listbar (Playlist) Position (None, Bottom, Right).
* Layout : Size Of the Listbar (Playlist) Configurable.
* Layout : Height of the player Configurable.
* Layout : Width of the player Configurable.
* Behaviour : Auto Start (Choose Automatically start the player on load).
* Behaviour : Mute.
* Behaviour : Repeat.
* Behaviour : Controls. Whether to display the video controls (controlbar, icons and dock).
* Behaviour : Stretching (Defines how to resize images in the display)
* RTMP/HTTP/HLS/Cloudfront/Azure Streaming support
* Module Class Suffix
* Automatic Module Setting Suffix (Multiple Player with different Playlist on same page)
* Global : Display or Not Link to Adobe Flash Installer

Module View :

* Remove Joomla Rulez Link (Yes or No, if not please make donation).
* Keyboard shortcuts.

Documentation :

* Please note that a pdf details documentation of 48 pages is available, just click on the documentation button below for download it.

Changelog 4.0.0 :
+ Compatible with Joomla 4
+ Compatible with PHP 8.1 and 8.2
+ Add Joomla Update system

Although you can use a list of songs by adding an xls file and it is very well documented
Ease of use
The installation was very easy as well as enabling it. The documentation that comes with it helps you a lot
I used this to: Play videos from youtube, Can play a lot of videos with an XML file
Owner's reply: Hello,
Thanks a lot for your comment :)
Ease of use
Requires registration, & docs speak mainly of licenses.
Owner's reply: Hello,

About single file, to set one, You just have to :

- Set "Select kind of source" to "single file"
- Put the URL to the file in the field "URL of your playlist/Single File"

About the Flash player, this is the default mode but the player will fallback in HTML5 mode as long you have set a compatible media, such as mp4, if it doesn't fallback it surely because you have set an incompatible format such as RTMP (which is flash only)

About the pdf documentation, there are 48 pages with 13 chapters and only 1 chapter and 1 page is about the license, I guess you have only read the license page that users have to read before they can download the document.

You can use the forum or the contact form for this kind of questions.

Best regards

Excelente Extension

Posted on 13 June 2014
Después de buscar por dias fue la unica aplicación que me dejo reproducir el video mp4 en todas las plataformas web y smartphones Muchas Gracias!!!!!! Thank You Very Much ... Just an Amazing module...

JW Player

Posted on 05 October 2013
I'm using the free version which does everything I need at the moment. Installation was straightforward. Implementation with J2.5 wasn't straightforward (probably because I was using a JA T3 template) but the support via the user forum was quick and clear and I was able to fix the problem straight away. The module works well on my website with both video and audio.
I've been using this player for a very long time now. It's pretty much the only player that includes a simple playlist beside the player that also supports YouTube videos.

The only thing I believe is left for this play now is to support responsive templates and possibly a playlist creator/editor for the xml playlist. It's a bit daunting to for my clients to be editing the xml files. And since it is xml, it could have a clear cache feature in the xml editor also. My clients are always complaining that they just added a video and it's not showing up.

Great media player!

Posted on 28 February 2013
I have the free version of the JWPlayer and it works greats. The module is very easy to use and setup with both audio and video files using the XML feed. Def recommend if you want something fast and easy. I also had a few support questions and they got back to me within 5 minutes. Pretty awesome. Hope to get the pro version for future projects. Joomlarulez, does rule, thanks guys.

Do the job!

Posted on 29 September 2012
Simple to use, a very good player with a top support.
I have bought a dozen plus Joomla tools, the best ones typically aren't free and have never had the kind of amazing support I've had with Joomla Rulez and their JW Joomla player. I was deciding on this vs Flow Player and had many questions to which they replied within an hour and then had more questions in which they replied. I still wasn't sure but decided to take the plunge and hope their after purchase support was the same. It was, I had a few questions and they answered again very quickly and had more questions and they again answered and in timely manner. I use this extension to embed youtube videos on my site with facebook and twitter sharing, it shows video in HD format as well and I had to have the Google analytics plugin to know which videos people are watching. It just works and again the support is the best I've ever run across in buying Joomla plugins. I got it working on my site, embarrassed to say, without really even reading their manual, that's how good their replies to my questions were!

Pretty Stable Player

Posted on 29 September 2011
Not a lot of bells and whistles, but it is configurable and seems to play my FLV movie clips without any problems. Learning curve on this module is fairly simple and doesn't take too much time figuring out how to make it work.

Overall, I'd say it does what it says it will do with just a little effort to setup. Thanks for use of the module!

marvellous extension

Posted on 24 September 2011
I want to share with all that this extension is great, I was looking something like that since long time ago and when I found it i downloaded and used it,

Works great!!! my site is now better, because I show many videos in a short space and the level of support received is very professional. I've had a few problems because of my ignorance but the help was quickly and useful.

Excuse my mistakes I am spanish speaker
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JW Player

Last updated:
Dec 28 2023
5 months ago
Date added:
May 08 2009
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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