OpenEndpoints HTML Snippets


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OpenEndpoints is the leading open source platform for generating on-demand content that is dependent on IP address, date/time, cookies, external conditions, etc. This module fetches your HTML snippets from OpenEndpoints and makes it available on any module position of your Joomla webpage.

While Joomla CMS is perfectly suitable to serve "static" content, it is less equipped to output (dynamically generated) demand-oriented content. For example:

  • Output different content depending on the current date/time.
  • Adapt the content to the country or region, which is determined via the IP address.
  • Check the availability of limited offers and display the content accordingly.
  • Load banners that are generated on-the fly according to date/time, cookies, external conditions, etc

A second use case is to load data from external data-sources and transform it into HTML that perfectly matches the styles on your page. Instead of inserting external plugins with an iframe content can be fetched from the plugin and transformed to HTML of your choice. The integration of the external content into your Joomla page is seamless.

OpenEndpoints is a free and open source platform to generate any kind of demand-oriented content using data-driven templates. It has unlimited flexibility to dynamically generate any kind of content snippets on demand. A lot of ready to use examples are available for free on OpenEndpoints.

OpenEndpoints HTML Snippets

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Sep 03 2021
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Sep 01 2021
GPLv2 or later
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Uses Joomla! Update System