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This is a QR-Code Module which serves the QR-Code of the current page. Just install and publish this Module on your
desired Moduleposition and show the QR-Code of the current page to all your visitors. The QR-Codes work well with Barcoo or plain Barcodescanner.

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Options in Backend:
* Set Size of QR-Codebox (in Pixel; ie. 100x100px)
* Set Color of Pixel to mach your Site (in Hex; i.e. 000000 for black)
* Set Background-Color to match your site better (in Hex; i.e. FFFFFF for white)
* Set Bordersize (in Pixel)
* Switch Authors backlink on / of
* Languages included: English, German
On my Page also available Versions for 1.5, 1.7, 2.5 and 3.0!

Note: This Module uses the API of qrserver . com, which allows commercial usage. You just need a license from qrserve . com for commercial use.

This Module is compatible with Joomla! 2.5 and Joomla! 3.0

Version 1.2 - Complete Rebuild with MVC
Version 1.1 - Bugfix - (Error in Line 11...)
Version 1.0 - Initial Release


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Good one ,But I want to have as many QR codes each for all my articles, I don't know whether this modules has an option for it..

Owner's reply: Hi, thanks for your Vote! I think, this Module does exactly what you want. For EVERY (!) URL a new QR-Code is generated. So every Article has his own QR-Code, if it has its own URL.

Choose your color, pages where you want to have the QR code and that´s all! Good job, many thanks to author!!

Owner's reply: Thanks for your kind words! :)

Great Extension!

Posted on 27 December 2013

Thank you! SO easy to use, and even complex Vcard info scans with ease. I appreciate your generosity in giving this to us!

Owner's reply: You are welcome :-)

Great as always

Posted on 22 November 2012

I've been using this extension for a long long time, it's always the best when it comes to downloads. I really like it.

Owner's reply: Thanks for your kind words! :)

Great mod

Posted on 12 November 2012

Great mod and worked out of the box. Only feature that is missing is 'share' link of the QR code.

Part of the idea of QR code is to send it to someone for re-use. So a 'share QR' to send via email, facebook or twitter would be cool.

Maybe it is in there but I did not find it.

Owner's reply: Thanks for your kind words and your suggestion. I will think of a solution.

nice and simple

Posted on 04 October 2012

This module have properties for setup size, background and color of QR-code.

Do you want any other options?

I am - not.

So - five stars and thanks for developer.

Owner's reply: Thanks for your kind words!


Posted on 22 April 2012


this module does exactly what the description says. Easy to install and use, works great!

Owner's reply: Thanks for your kind words!

This does nothing more than fetch a QR code image for an online generator site that encodes the site URL. There are no options to include additional contact or other information, no formatting contained within the module. It includes a link to the module providers website with no opt-out for excluding it other than to use no-number or other replacer.

Lame imo.

Owner's reply: Hi,

I'm not feeling sorry, providing a Module doing exactly what is written in it's description. If you are looking for something else, don't use my Module! As it is written in the FIRST LINE: "This is a QR-Code Module which serves the QR-Code of the current page." NOTHING MORE and NOTHING LESS!

And of course you didn't had a look in the Options of the Module, where you can switch on or of the link to my site.

Simple and good!

Posted on 27 March 2012

A little and simple module, but very good an good customizable.

(sorry for my english)

Owner's reply: Thanks for your kind words!

Works great !

Posted on 25 March 2012

A free Joomla prog and easy to install. Worked after first install!! Please more of those !!!

Owner's reply: Thanks for your kind words!

Page QR-Code

Niko Winckel
Last updated:
Jun 02 2015
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download

This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System

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