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The Pinterest Widget Slider is an awesome tool for your Joomla website, enabling you to post a feed directly from Pinterest on your pages! The Pinterest slider is easy to install, easy to use and provides users with an ample amount of benefits.

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Take a look at the features and benefits sure to be appreciated with the Pinterest Widget Slider.

Pinterest Widget Slider i) The Pinterest Widget Slider has a great design –all that is visible is a icon for Pinterest until the visitor hovers over the page. Once this is done the slider widget will pop out and present your Pinterest feed.
ii) Easy to Use – Anyone who visits your site can easily view what’s going on at your Pinterest account, as well as leave your site to visit and follow you if they would like. You can easily take social media to the next level with the Pinterest widget.
iii) Advertise – Rather than sending out an email or a text, or going through the process of changing your entire site, the Pinterest Widget Slider can be used to make announcements, post pictures and news and much more. You can easily advertise your contest, sale, etc. for all to see on the Pinterest Widget Slider right on your homepage!
iv) Options – There are tons and tons of options available for your Pinterest pins with the Pinterest Widget Slider. You can easily customize the Pinterest Widget Slider to your specifications, which includes the width and the height of the slider on your page.
v) Spacious - there’s a lot covered in the Pinterest Widget Slider, but it won’t take up a lot of space on your site. The Pinterest Widget Slider shows as an icon on the side of your page. It is only visible once a user hovers around this Pinterest icon.
vi) Display text as well as pictures – Some of the plug-ins for Joomla make you choose one or the other…but not this Joomla plugin called the Pinterest Widget Slider.
vii) Compatible –The Joomla Pinterest Widget is compatible with all browsers, including Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer
viii) All Software Supported –The Pinterest Widget can be used with all versions of the Joomla website.
ix) Entertaining – With the Pinterest Widget Slider on your website you can keep visitors there longer, enjoying what you are offering to them. Along with your blogs and info, pictures and posts, visitors to your site can play around and see all of your pins and more.
x) Post More – With the Pinterest widget you can easily add new posts right from your website without ever having to log into Pinterest. This may not seem like a big deal but it really does make your life much easier and enables you to do so much more with your social networking.

The long list of features and benefits of the Pinterest Widget Slider make it a plug-in that you should not wait to add to your Joomla website. It will give your website the edge that it needs to be a great success and so much more. Don’t go without it a day longer.

Everything you want to display Pinterest feed and plenty of great features.
Ease of use
Really it's very easy to configure and show Pinterest feed.
The support group are incredible. You couldn't request better support, dependably answer inquiries and solve any problems I had rapidly.
All steps are exceptionally very much documented.
I used this to: Showing Pinterest feed on site.
Its give best functionality. Does everything precisely the way it's intended to.
Ease of use
Simple to install with a instructions on set up right on the plugin screen
Excellent support. Very quick response.
Mind blowing documentation but it isn't essential utilizing is so natural!
I used this to: Insert pinterest slider on my site. Its working great.

Pinterest widget

Posted on 13 January 2016
Worked great
Ease of use
Very easy to use
Had to contact them about several questions and got back to me fast
Easy to understand
I used this to: One of my clients websites. Wanted a contemporary looking Pinterest slider for his site - this worked perfect. Thanks for making these widgets free.


Posted on 04 November 2013
Pinterest Widget slider allows you to intergrate your website and advertise with it at the same time.
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Pinterest Widget Slider

Alonzo Weatherby
Last updated:
Apr 15 2018
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System


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