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Selling files with has never been this easy: PDF (encryption possible), mp3, video, zip archives or any other file type, all it takes is to upload the file(s) and generate a button code for your article or module.

Joomla 3.9.x (and older 1.5, 2.5, 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6, 3.7, 3.8) ready.
Payment methods included: PayPal, Stripe, Skrill, BitPay, ClickBank and
PayPal subscriptions payment feature added!
PayPal SHA-256 / VeriSign G5 Root Certificate Update Ready!
Aweber integration included!

What is this?

This is the most actively developed and feature rich Joomla! plugin for digital goods, that allows you to sell files of any type, offering audio/video/document previews, giving you the ability to encrypt, stamp and watermark PDF documents. It contains a shopping cart module and a complete set of features important for your online business: EU VAT support for digital goods, MailChimp integration, iDevAffiliate integration, Google eCommerce, Invoicing and completely autonomous order processing via PayPal, Skrill, BitPay (for BitCoin payments) and

The only plugin completely compatible with EU law for digital goods, which could save you from €10,000 fine.


Encrypted PDF orders video demonstration:

No programming skills required!

Free installation, support and video guide based on your own website to help you get started with the plugin.

We can also help you make test orders to ensure proper operation of the extension.

List of our awesome features

PayPal subscriptions payment feature added!

Automated registration and/or ability to assign users to specific groups upon purchase feature!

✔ Now with AcyMailing support and iDevAffiliate **and **Google eCommerce tracking!

Email Delivery feature (even for encrypted PDF files/ebooks)

EU VAT support - compatible with new law from Jan 1st, 2015. It will charge vat from the buyer's country or 0% VAT if the buyer has a valid VAT ID (based on the new regulations).

Invoicing (customization possible)

Preview for audio and video and documents support without customers leaving the page using built-in players! Each audio/video file you sell can have another preview audio/video file assigned to it.

✔ Can be used on multi language websites, every article/module in every language can have it's own translated button for the file(s)

PDF Printing restriction of sold files feature

PDF Encryption of sold files feature

✔ Intuitive interface for both customers and administrators!

✔ Can be used on unlimited domains, source code available

✔ The button code can be placed in any part of the site (articles, k2 articles, modules and etc)

✔ Multiple buttons on one page

✔ The extension comes with professionally** pre-designed buttons (custom buttons are also possible)**

Protected folders and encrypted download links to ensure only paid access to your digital goods. Download limit and expiration time configuration.

File bundle feature added. You can now sell collection of files together as one.

Customizable email templates for everything.

PDF encryption feature added, the file buyer receives is encrypted with his PayPal email as password! The PDF is also protected against changes or print! Proven method to avoid piracy of your digital books / PDF documents!

All known Joomla! versions 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 2.5, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6, 3.7, 3.8 and 3.9.x compatible

✔ Order buttons can be placed in any module or article, perfect for use with K2, VirtueMart, ZOO or any other plugin.

Complete support for K2, no special settings required

Optional site registration for buyers.

✔ Extremely up to date PayPal's Instant Payment Notification (IPN) to ensure smooth order process

✔ Supports all PayPal currency codes

✔ Supports all PayPal country codes

✔ Straight forward autonomous order processing of all orders

✔ Support for complete button customization

Protected uploads directory, impossible to access without payment.

✔ SEO friendly URLs for download listings

✔ Compatible with download accelerators

Limit file downloads by number of downloads or expiration time.

✔ Utilizes anitleeching technology

Intuitive administration pages and smooth user experience

✔ Easy file management.

No longer supported

Posted on 07 December 2021
Very nice simple extension when I bought it. Lots of useful options. Like that files can be stored outside public web folders.
Ease of use
Fairly easy to set up and use though some guidance would help. Integrates easily with paypal.
Appears to be no longer supported. Bought 2017 no updates ... not compat with PHP 8. Support & Account logins no longer work at seller site.
As far as I can tell there isn't any.

Forum for support requests appears unmonitored for well over a year. Product seems to be end of life.
Value for money
Initially good but now left with looking for a replacement and supporting past customer purchases manually. Disappointing.
I used this to: Selling sheet music produced by a composer and arranger. (Have to pad this to be allowed to submit the review).
Owner's reply: Hello Carol,

You are leaving a bad review after

1. Not renewing ever after your initial order which includes 1 to 2 years of updates and support. Buying it once does not subscribe you to lifetime labor from the developer.
2. Not emailing me to ask for help
3. Not using the support request form to ask for help
4. Also your username and password you purchased it originally still works, I found the email from 2017 and tested it. You personally requested username change from your email to just "Carol" on 12th December 2017 via support forum. Password was never changed.
5. Using it for 4 years and from what I understand it served you well.

Anyway, I just wanted to bring these inconsistencies to your attention. Good luck finding replacement with better value for money.

Kind regards,
It does what it says.
Install, set the config up, upload the file, create a button, copy and paste into content.
Simple cart function
Ease of use
There isn't anything to cause you grief.
Intuitive functionality
Great support.
Most responsive
I had an issue with buttons and resolved in one email
Clear instructions
Value for money
Couldn't be better value for money.
The alternatives don't offer what this does
I used this to: Selling ebooks on my sites.
Buyers have commented how easy it is to use
Ich benutze es um PDF mit PayPal zu verkaufen. Sowohl mit Warenkorb und Direktlink. Auch das verkaufen von PDF'f bundles ist kein Problem
Ease of use
Alle Felder sind verständlich erklärt. Viele Felder etwa für die Mails sind individuell einstellbar.
Den besten den man haben kann. Chat in der Komponente. Forum und schnelle EMail antwort
Alle Felder sind selbsterklärend und es gibt ein Forum und Live chat. Kenntnisse zu PayPal sollte man haben.
Value for money
$49 ist ein sehr guter Preis. Würde mehr bezahlen.
I used this to: Verkauf von Pdf's.
It works brilliantly and intuitively. You upload a digital product file, create a button and publish the product. The ideal plugin.
Ease of use
It's very easy to use. Within minutes you can set up the system which will allow customers to browse, purchase and download your products.
Support is exemplary. When my website became corrupted in a host transfer, they reinstalled Quicksell for me! I'd be lost without their help
Value for money
Great value for money. I use this as an online business and it's sincerely affordable.
I used this to: Selling digital products (videos, music, ebooks etc...) related to lead guitar tuition
Its developers thought about all the needs that users might have, all what you need this extension has it, it does exaclty what it says.
Ease of use
You don´t need to be an expert to use it, I learned how to use it the same day I bought it without the need to read any tutorial.
Simply excellent! In a few hours, sometimes minutes, I´ve got the best support.
They have available all what you need to know, anyway I think it´s almost unnecesary.
Value for money
I would had paid more for this extension.
I used this to: I use this extension for digital items shop, online music and photo stores.
Has a lot of options and uses simple code to place a payment button anywhere for anything.
Ease of use
It's quite simple to use. I have a business PayPal and it setup within minutes. For digital downloads it's simple and fast to get going.
Top marks to the dev. I found some problems with a few functions but he was on it and had it fixed within a day and had updates within hours
There is some basic info on the sites forum but there is no documentation at all. 95% is simple to figure out and that's enough to get going
Value for money
Paid for itself immediately. It replaced a manual system I had and helps to make a much simpler experience for the user. Saves purchases etc
I used this to: Delivering digital downloads. I just needed a simple solution I could work into my K2 content that could take payment, deliver secure download, remember purchases for users and integrate with my group based file system. Had a few issues once in operation but was sorted fast. A+++


Posted on 07 July 2015
a lot of setting.
Ease of use
it is so easy. I used only documentation.
support answered fast!
great documentation. I installed this plugin with this documentation
Value for money
great price
I used this to: I needed the plugin for my business

The perfect solution!

Posted on 03 January 2015
The QuickSell for Joomla is a great solution for selling files online, I have been using it for the last 7 months with great success.
Ease of use
After using a competitors products first I came back to Quicksell because it was far easier for my client to operate.
First Class! Quick to respond and keen to add custom modifications if required
It's all self explanatory, didn't require much documentation.
Value for money
Worth every penny!
I used this to: I use this plugin to sell audio files and it works a treat. Keep up the good work Deian ;-)
Perfect! Works perfectly - used for a bilingual website, is fantastic!
Ease of use
Fantastic support! Had to get Deian to help me a few times, which was always immediate help and was very helpful and patient.
There's a helpful video showing how to set it up! And customisation is easy!
Value for money
I used this to: Used for selling MP3 singles AND full CD downloads on a Digital Download website in English and Spanish. Works perfectly, looks great, everything I needed for the website to perform without any issues - and in both languages. Wouldn't use anything else!
I just write Deian for help me to fix a problem and he get very quick in contact with me. The problem was solved. The component works great and is really convenient. Deian seems to think about every detail :)

This component save me a professional programmer and a lot of money.

Thank you Deian!

P.S.: Just register here to submit this review.


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