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Send highly relevant emails to your customers and grow sales by 30%. Popular email campaigns include abandoned cart recovery, winning back inactive customers, reward programs, personalized coupons, targeted newsletters, order follow ups, product recommendations and more. Get Remarkety and start sending emails FREE in minutes.

  • Grow sales over 30% by sending automated emails based on customer behavior and purchases
  • Make product recommendations, deliver personalized coupons, recover abandoned carts, and more by email
  • Get Remarkety and start a free 14 day trial to see how Remarkety can automatically increase customer lifetime value and retention

What can Remarkety do?

Send Product Recommendation Emails
Automatically suggest products your customers might like in emails. Automatically adds product images, links, prices, etc.

Send Unique Coupons
Generate dynamic unique coupons per user and track conversion via emails.

Send Segmented Newsletters
Segment your customers and target them by any criteria. Number of orders, specific product purchased, dates, total spent, etc

Recover Abandoned Carts
Automatically email customers with images, links and prices of products they left in their cart.

Increase Customer Lifetime Value
Remind your loyal shoppers about sales, available coupons or reward programs.

Win Back Inactive Customers
Deliver emails that urge old customers to visit your website and purchase again.

Track Customer Behavior
Analyze your customer behavior to send personalized emails more likely to lead to a sale.

Order Followup Emails
Followup orders with personal emails related to previous sales.

Create Your Own Email Strategies
You can easily segment customers by behavior to create customized email campaigns.

Nurture Leads
Automatically deliver emails to prospects and leads after they sign up for your newsletter

Define Purchase Rate & ROI
Intuitive dashboard displays essential analytics including purchase rate on every campaign.

Why use Remarkety for email marketing?

Remarkety is a perfect fit for your VirtueMart 1, VirtueMart 2, or VirtueMart 3 shop. Remarkety is trusted by thousands of businesses in fashion, apparel, health and nutrition, toys, collectibles, electronic accessories, adult shops, media, pets, sports, auto accessories and so much more. You also have access to 'how-to' videos with step-by-step guides on creating the most effective email campaigns.

Already using MailChimp? No problem. Remarkety can integrate with your existing MailChimp account to ensure your email lists stay clean and up-to-date. Remarkety is trusted by thousands of businesses, and guarantees your business the best results.

Try these benchmarks on for size:
60% unique open rate | $3.40 in new revenue per email | 5.0% purchase rate per campaign | $16,000 in new sales

How do I get started?

It’s simple. Sign up and easily connect your VirtueMart store to Remarkety. In under two minutes, you’ll be creating your first email campaign.

If you still feel like you need a demo, Remarkety has a great team ready to help. Simply email

And don’t forget, you can always drop us a line at 1-800-570-7564.

Watch our explainer video!

Can send all my Virtuemart emails from Remarkety. See open, click and conversions very easily. You can create personal coupons.
Ease of use
Super easy to use. Drag and drop email editor. Ready to use templates
Great support. Responsive.
You have lots of documentation and support knowledge base
I used this to: Virtuemart email marketing

Great e-mail marketing tool

Posted on 07 August 2016
Powerfull and flexible triggered emails with statistics.
Ease of use
Campaign managemnt made easy with lots of ready-to-use modules and campaigns.
Not required yet
Clear, with examples.
I used this to: For my own shop.
We used this product extensively with Virtuemart and saw great results. As much as 10,000 USD in sales impact over a period of 3-4 months !
Ease of use
Very easy to use, intuitive UI, Great Wizard to quickly set everything up.
Almost none needed !
Super easy to use so using documentation is not really required
I used this to: An Ecommerce Subscription site using VM and integrations with a subscription system
Already great possibilities to reactivate customers.
Ease of use
Works intuitive - really easy! Nice interface!
Not needed till now
Info fields near the functions make a documentation nearly superfluous.
I used this to: My own Onlineshop.
Great and innovative Functionality for my e-commerce.
Ease of use
Very very simple to sue and integration in my Virtuemart e-commece

Easy and Efficient

Posted on 09 January 2016
Very easy to set up and operate, takes maybe 5 minutes
Ease of use
One of the easiest and fastest setups i ever head with a Joomla plugin.
Very fast, i had a few questions and they answer all of them consistently.
I used this to: VM3

Looking good...

Posted on 03 December 2015
I've just got started but it seems real simple to figure out
Ease of use
Many guides, movies to learn from and there is help to get on almost every function
Real fast
Tons of documentation
I used this to: A webshop for one of my clients who sometimes needs to contact customers regarding product updates and so on...

It's incredibly easy

Posted on 04 November 2015
I can't comment on functionality too much yet as I have just started, but so far so good!
Ease of use
It doesn't get easier than this. So easy. Not a lot of lengthy complicated instructions. Short, precise, clear explanations with examples!
Haven't had the need to use support, but my assumption is great
Clear, precise, concise, with examples. Easy to grasp first time
I used this to: Online stores that I manage and run. Helps me leave a great impression with shoppers and potential shoppers, making all of my shoppers feel special and rewarded

So far so good.

Posted on 19 August 2015
Ease of use
I used this to: business

So far so good.

Posted on 29 July 2015
great. super easy to integrate into site
Ease of use
very easy. remarkety makes using this extension seamless
no need for support yet.
easily accessed
I used this to: customer development/retention

Email Marketing for VirtueMart

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Dec 05 2016
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Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
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