Content Tags for Joomla

Showtags is a Joomla content plugin to show article tags in category or article views. Plugin is based on article meta-keywords.

* Show tags before and/or after articles
* Parent tag selectable div/nav
* Format tags in unordered list / wordlist
* Show tags in category, featured or article view
* You can add a custom CSS selector to customize it
* Languages: English, Spanish and German (thanks to Johannes Hock | @adhocgraFX !). Other languages are welcome :-)
* Category filter: Show tags only in articles of specified categories
* Can generate an $article->showtags field instead of showing tags to customize content tpl
* It's compatible with Aixeena Taxonomy System (as a replace of the "Content - Tags" plugin)
* Joomla! 3.0 compatible

Install / Configuration:
- Download Zip file
- Install it through Joomla Extension Manager
- Go to Extensions > Plug-in manager and search a plugin called "Content - Showtags". Click it to enable / configure the plugin.

Author & License:
Showtags was developed by Roberto Segura and is licensed under GNU/GPL 2,

You can find me at:
Email: roberto(at)


Posted on 16 December 2021
This Plugin is great. Works like a charme. Nice appearance. I like it very much.
Ease of use
Very easy to use. Its use is completely self-evident. Recommended extension.
I didn't need any support, because its's use is so straightforward.
I used this to: I use this plugin for showing tags and metakeywords after articles on my Joomla!-based business website.
This plugin takes the Meta Keywords for an article and displays them with the article as links to basic search results. It does that well.
Ease of use
Very easy to install and use. Well made.
Didn't need any. :)
Good. Simple to use.
I used this to: The problem with this plugin is in the misleading description. This plugin *does not have anything to do with Joomla tags*. Joomla tags are completely ignored. If you want to display your existing tags as links to the Joomla tag component, this plugin will not do that.
Owner's reply: Thanks for you review!

Yes. This plugin currently does not support joomla tags because it was made as a solution for J2.5 series that didn't include tags in core. I'm going to add a mode so it works with Joomla 3.x tag system.

Thanks for your feedback.

Work very well

Posted on 31 December 2015
work great
Ease of use
I used this to: sites

Easy to use tabs

Posted on 26 March 2015
Prefect for me
Ease of use
I used this to: I could not get the Joomla core tabs to go Horizontal and was dreading input tab description to every article when I have over 12,000 articles. I downloaded this for the horizontal view. Imagine my surprise when the plugin pulled in my title words to my articles. Thank you.

Some thoughts

Posted on 06 December 2013
While it is very nice that this plugin extracts all the keywords from the meta as "tags" and show at the bottom of the article as "tags" however, I was disappointed when I saw that when I click on these "tags" it only just open that keyword in the basic search (whether you set and want to use the inteligent search on your site).

So while it is nice to show - here comes a more accurate definition- "extracted metakeywords with hyperlinks which points to basic search page after article" and it might be advertise using the search among viewers however tags should show the articles what the publisher want to show in each tag and not what the search want to offer (since there might be a name in an article but the article is nothing about him)

But it might be enough and useful for other site developers. These are just my personal thoughts on this plugin.

And I'm very thankful for sharing your work in the joomla extension directory. Keep up the good work.

So this plugin would be the best if:

-it could copy the metakeywords to the joomla tags

-by clicking on tags it could show all the articles with optional picture and lead in a simple list

-also with a tag manager (or just use the basic joomla one)


Posted on 03 October 2013
This is such an easy plugin that does exactly want it says it does. There isn't an easier way to put tags to the Joomla content. This is great!
This is a great non-commercial plugin. Thank you so much for making it. However, like the comment "Fractioned," I was stumped. Now that Joomla 3.1 has introduced Tags into the Joomla core, I could not figure out why my metakeywords were showing. Like a big fat dummy, I had installed Showtags and moved on. Then SEO-Generator pumped my articles with juicy keywords. Just a friendly suggestion, perhaps Showtags should be renamed Showkeywords now that "Tags" is an actual separate entity in the Joomla 3.1+ core.

Simplicity is Art

Posted on 22 January 2013
This extension is simple and elegant and integrates with Joomla meta keywords they way it should, the documentation is clear and well written, i give you 5 points for this nice piece of work, I wish i can send you a donation but i have restrictions in my country to do so, thanks for the nice extension

Easy and powerful

Posted on 11 January 2013
I was delighted to see that this extension did exactly what was stated on the tin.

Its free opensource and hosted on github (extra +).

The maintainer has created an easy to follow "documentation". Both for "users" and "advanced users"


- K -
Owner's reply: Thanks for your review kbotnen!

100%on Target & on Spec

Posted on 17 October 2012
Great concept .. well done .. it's taken years to get something like this in Joomla and you've done it.

Does exactly what it says it will, with no hassles at all.

Thank you :)
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Roberto Segura
Last updated:
Nov 19 2014
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Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System


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